Flight Reservation System

Flights are the most convenient mode of transport owing to the fact that it takes you from A to B real quick. The airline industry is a busy one with endless workflow. The process of airline ticketing alone is quite extensive and thorough. Airline ticketing software can only do so much to aid agents with the copious amounts of work that is involved. What really can make a real difference is making use of a CRM system along with the existing systems.

Let’s Take a Look at 3 Advanced Features Which Facilitates an Enhanced Customer Experience

1. Cost Management

Instead of investing in expensive technology for an overhaul, you can simply double up your pre-existing flight operations software with an airlines CRM. Usually, PSS platforms charge per call and message. For each hit, you get charged. However, with CRM, you can reduce this by up to 30 per cent by adding a custom layer between PSS and the booking channels. Moreover, it makes sense to have a system which has multipurpose capabilities. Not only does it reduce cost but also offers endless sales and service possibilities, along with the generation of reports.

2. Cache Technology

As per research, experts say that playing the advantage by using cache technology can increase the conversion rate of bookings by up to 50%. Consumers access flight information from multiple devices and therefore are susceptible to be exposed to cache data. By using the cache, consumers can access all available fare options and can then book directly or they can even conveniently refine the results using various searching and viewing features. Airline management software makes this possible by creating a channel through to access a customer’s cache data.


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3. Custom Package

Using CRM software, one can market multiple campaigns at the same time. Promotional offers, discount codes and more importantly, custom packages can be provisioned for customers to tempt them to fly more often. Customers always look for good deals as nobody wants to pay full price. Airline booking software using its CRM capabilities can offer customized package deals for each individual customer based on usage and history. The more personalized the message, the likelier the favourable outcome. Targeting special dates such as festivals or birthdays can prove to be fruitful as well. CRM’s intelligent design offers insights on whom to offer what and how much based on its data analytics and research tools.

Additionally, using reports generated from the airlines CRM can give a clear picture of what needs improvement and how happy customers are. Providing clients with a great experience is your job and CRM just helps you achieve that. There is no other way around it; you know what needs to be done and what all there is on the market. It is time you made an informed choice to deliver a unique and prolific experience to all your customers.


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