Help Desk Ticketing System

Almost every business irrespective of its size provides customer support to its customers. This is a short glimpse into what a help desk ticketing system is. A helpdesk ticket is basically an individual customer care case. Every time a customer decides to raise a complaint or query with a business, a ticket is created. This ticket is maintained as the issue is being resolved and will be closed only after doing so.

The Help Desk Ticketing System automates the ticketing process which has time-consuming and repetitive administrative tasks. All the data will be stored at a common database which is also known as CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Managing your customer service management with a well-designed ticketing system makes a world of difference to your business.

Who do you go to when you are in the lookout for a dependable Service CRM Software? Look no further as Kapture CRM’s features will let you understand the need for a ticketing system in place:

  • A large number of customer tickets can be managed under a common ticketing dashboard. Our integration makes it easier for tickets to be solved and that comes from all communication channels the business focuses on.
  • A track of your inbound calls can be done with call tickets
  • An email ticketing system will sort out the huge chunk of emails that come in.
  • Social ticketing will keep a check of all the social media interactions with your customers
  • Kapture’s Ticket Management System will let customers directly communicate with the business’s Customer Enquiry Channel.
  • Naming tickets as per their importance and priority which can be High, Medium and Low. Action can be taken as per its importance.

Now that Kapture’s features are elaborated, let us have a low-down on some of the benefits of having a Help Desk Ticketing System:

Quicker Ticket Resolution

Routine administration tasks are automated with the help of this software and that saves a lot of manpower time for a business. This time can be used in resolving and closing tickets by customer support agents and less time is invested in data entering.


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Brings down the Ticket Backlog

The ticket backlog is automatically reduced as agents are spending lesser time on menial tasks and more on resolving tickets. When the waiting time in resolving a ticket reduces, the trust factor a customer has in your business will go up. All customers have an urgency in resolving their issues and service agents can be well equipped in doing so with a Customer Service Platform.

Specialised and Personal Support

A solid helpdesk ticketing system is all you need for agents to pay attention to the specific details about a customer. Automation provides time to agents who can invest it in understanding the customers and their tickets. A customer is sure to feel special and valued with the information an agent will know about you and the issue you are facing.

Constant improvement of Performance

The performance of your customer service team can be constantly monitored with the help of metrics and analytics. These can be viewed on a centralized dashboard and information such as time is taken to resolve tickets can be tracked. The transparency that’s needed with a support team is available through this software.

Managing tickets in a long and exhausting part of Customer Service Management. If not for excellent software in place, these tasks could take a lot of time and will also bring down the credibility of your brand or business. Integration of omnichannel communication automates the task of agents. Working towards the credibility of your business and maintaining it is the foremost motto of an ideal business.


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