Customer Service Representative

As a business, your customer support is the link between you and your customers. An efficient customer support platform not only ensures your customers are happy but helps repeat business as well. Here are some of the qualities that a good customer service representative must-have.

1. Communication Skills

One of the most important skills that an agent must have is the ability to communicate well. This includes professional communication with not just customers, but with their managers and subordinates as well. The key to happy customers is smooth, spot-less communication.

2. Patience

On a day-to-day basis, a customer rep will have to encounter a variety of customers, including people who are rude, angry or simply unhappy with the product or service that’s provided. A good customer rep will have to be patient with customers and make way for pleasant conversations with them.

3. Empathy

While communication is essential in customer support, it’s not enough by itself. A good customer rep will try and understand what the customer is trying to convey rather than just fixating on getting the call over with. A customer is more likely to be happy with your support when they feel like they’re being heard and understood.

4. Positivity

As a customer rep, you might not always be delivering good news to customers. Ensure your conversations have a positive tone to them, making your customers feel comfortable and hopeful. Try and reduce the usage of negative words and phrases, replacing them with positive verbiage.


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5. Problem-solving Skills

During encounters with customers, a customer rep might come across atypical queries, which might not be directly related to your product or service. However, the customer must feel like their concern is valid and that the representative is working towards resolving the issue. A good customer rep must be present-minded and must have good problem-solving skills.

6. Product Knowledge

Customer support team members need to have thorough product knowledge. Not only does this help in answering product related questions quickly, but also gives confidence to the support agent during interactions with customers. Additionally, customer reps can recommend the right product to customers only if they’re fully aware of how the product functions.

7. Punctuality

Needless to mention, no customer wants to wait for hours for having one problem resolved. It’s essential for customer reps to learn time management. A good customer support agent is punctual and provides solutions in a timely manner. Usually, there’s a promised time within which the problem will be resolved. If there’s an unexpected obstacle due to which the time taken to fix the issue is extended, always keep the customer informed.

8. Ability to work with a service CRM software

Service CRM software helps in simplifying your customer support operations. This includes automation of support workflow, ticket resolution, ticket disposition and so on. A good support agent should be well versed and compliant with CRM software. This helps the business deliver seamless customer experiences.

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