7 Must Have Features Your Call Center Team Needs

Call centers are getting more technologically innovative with each passing day. Gone are the days when call centers were landline phones plugged to listening devices. Everything from calling and texting to paperwork is done on computers and mobile phones today. To equip your call center with the latest tech, you need the proper customer support management software. Then and only then can you offer the best customer support via calls.

A call center needs a few key features to qualify as good. Although customer management software will surely offer all this, it is best that we take a look at what features are the most important.


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    1.  Automatic Ticketing
      Call centers get hundreds to thousands of calls every day. It can be a pretty busy affair and automation is the need of the hour. Hence, a call center system that can register all incoming calls as tickets would make your job so much easier. This way, once the call is ended, you can get the details of the transaction automatically in your system.
    2. Caller Info
      The hallmark of a great call center system is how it can make for intelligent computing. It should be able to load details of a caller, in cases of existing customers, immediately when they call you. So, it makes providing service that much faster and creates an environment of efficiency for your whole team.
    3. Interactive Voice Response
      Setting up an IVR is a must for any call center. Without an AI enabled bot, you would be flooded by calls with call operators barely able to keep up. A customer management service that has an in-built IVR feature is the way to go because it reduces human effort and effectively routes calls to the right departments.
    4. Call Recording
      This goes without saying and is kind of a no-brainer. Call recording is a big yes in the call center world. For training and quality assurance purposes, all call centers around the world need to review the performances of call agents. This is only possible by having a call recording feature in place.
    5. Call Routing/Forwarding
      Another basic feature in the mix is the call routing/forwarding option. In cases of agent unavailability, escalations, failure of resolutions, etc. calls need to rerouted to a different department. Forwarding or routing a call to the relevant department for quick resolutions is a must and a necessary thing for a call center to have.
    6. Reminders
      Intelligent call center software can help you plan ahead. By setting up call reminders or auto-callback features, it can save you the trouble of maintaining a separate log for every agent on the team.
    7. Analytics
      What could be more important than to analyze your call agents’ performances via reports? By providing you statistics of calls placed, received, dropped, issues pending, resolved, etc. you can stay on top of your team and learn where there is room for improvement.

      A cloud telephony integration with your customer service support software can really make a difference to your call center.By increasing efficiency and fostering growth, you can make your call center a great mode of providing the best customer support. A CRM can work wonders for your call centers because it has all the necessary options that your call center might need. It is the current trend in the market and it is better to keep up with it but as they say, it is your call to make!


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