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Businesses who provide great products need to maintain a dual approach to their outlook. Delivering a quality product is not enough, you must also back it with great service. Only then, can you generate goodwill in the market? To stand out from the rest, a company must be willing to go that extra mile. Customers never want to be forgotten and it is in your best interest to court them every now and then with follow-up offers and promos. Another facet of service is dealing with complaints and issues. When a customer communicates with the company, he wants to be taken seriously and also for his issue to be resolved quickly, Live chat and ticketing software provide you functionalities with exactly those things in mind.

What you can do with live chat is unconstrained. Let’s take a look five ways you could improve customer service using live chat.

1. Real-Time Response

Live chat software enables you to reply to customers quickly, on-demand. If responses are fast and immediate, there is a higher chance of retaining the customer. It makes the user feel valued and he or she would appreciate the speedy service. The primary reason to opt for live chat is to respond in a quick manner.

2. The Power of Artificial Intelligence

AI plays a huge role in the subject of live chat. Chatbots are embedded with artificial intelligence systems that can speak with a user without human interference. This is possible by allotting relevant keywords and assigning specific responses to queries that contain said keywords. It automates the task and saves a lot of time. The AI system gets better and better with more useful as it has a big learning curve.

3. Cost Reduction

Choosing help desk chat software as your primary respond chatbot is beneficial in many ways. Firstly, it acts as a good buffer until you get on the situation. Secondly, it reduces human effort. Thus, reducing costs and saving a lot of time.


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4. Increase in Order Value

When you respond fast, the chances of the ticket getting resolved to go exponentially higher. The chatbot can work as a client conversion tool whenever there are a lot of tickets. This, in turn, will lead to more orders being placed and that means only one thing for the business – more revenue.

5. Optimal Chat UI

To ensure that the internal chat software works wonders for you, there are a few things you need to get right. First of all, the chat window should be on the bottom-right of the page. This is because almost all social networking sites and popular pages have the chatbot there and that is where a customer will expect it. Second of all, the chatbot should be available on all pages and not just the homepage. Last, of all, the chatbot should deliver communications to your CRM system so that you have all customer details ready to communicate further.


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