Sales Automation Solutions

Sales can be a complicated process because it is not just about communicating with a customer, it goes way beyond that. The countless hours spent doing homework, preparing the perfect pitch and delivering it right are never seen. Also, once the sale is made, maintaining records, following-up and ensuring there is proper understanding, retaining customers with efficient customer relations, etc. are parts of the process, too. To make all of this simpler, sales management system software can help. A business who has multiple sales people needs to learn how to automate daily tasks and ensure proper productivity along with efficiency. Let’s look at 5 sales automation solutions that your business needs.

Pipeline Management

Leads, once generated, need to be converted fast. Hot leads are the driving force of a business. However, when there are hundreds or thousands of leads pooling in, it can be hard to keep track of them. With a sales pipeline, a premier feature of any sales CRM software, the whole sales process becomes streamlined and transparent. You can follow the journey of a lead right from the start up until it is a prospect and also a regular customer. Automating lead processes will save you a ton of time and ensures that you never miss out on a lead ever.

Marketing Automation

A business can stay relevant by periodically and regularly running ad campaigns to let the world know that they are still the best choice. Marketing is a key touchpoint of a business, much like sales. But what good would it be if you had to spend a boatload of money on a whole different software application just to maintain your marketing needs. That is why investing in CRM software for sales management can resolve sales and marketing issues both at once. You can manage your campaigns, monitor performance, learn how far your reach is and much more using marketing automation tools that a CRM brings.

Order Management

Since sales will bring in tons of orders, your CRM needs to be capable enough to handle huge amounts of orders on a regular basis. Invoicing, quotations, payment due dates and more can be easily maintained on a CRM application. Orders will have other components such as ensuring delivery, status, cancellations, refunds, etc. which need to be sorted out like clockwork and without errors. All of this and more is why you need sales automation software right now.

Daily Tasks

Since a business has many sales agents, it is wise to have a system to coordinate with them all. Scheduling meetings, assigning tasks, transferring calls and other such tasks need a dependable system. A CRM system can effortlessly help you manage a whole squad of salesmen and saleswomen. Right from setting up an agenda on their calendars to following up on their productivity all at one place, a CRM is what can step in to do that.


As sales managers, you might want your teams to outperform the rest of them. You surely want better numbers with every passing quarter. Monthly targets, growth rate over the quarter, employee productivity, zone wise numbers, etc. can give you sufficient insight about how your business is performing. Automated reporting can make your job that much easier and you can get detailed reports based on any parameters that you set up. In other words, you can ensure that you have a handle on things without having to do any extra work.

The right step forward is to get yourself the services of the perfect sales cloud software to automate your entire sales process. Not only will this make your business more functional, it will enable proper growth for the years to come.

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