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Contact centres have been around for a while and they are relatively a new solution for customer support services. In the last few years, people have been choosing to vent on other platforms rather than just calling customer services. With CRM helpdesk in the picture, companies are opting multiple channels to offer support to their customers – Call, social media platforms, email, and website. The right CRM helpdesk support software will help you develop a better customer support strategy. Before you pick out a CRM helpdesk and implement it into your business, consider these options:

1. Be There for Your Customers When They Need You

When you’re providing multi-channel support to your customers, you need to make sure that you’re available 24/7 on all these channels to respond to your customers. Kapture offers a unified dashboard where you can respond to all the queries raised on multiple platforms. Help desk chat supports helps you resolve tickets faster than before. Set up specialized ticket routings and let your agents concentrate on solving complex issues.

2. Understand What You Need

Know what services your business needs. Consider factors like the number of agents who’ll be using the tool, scalability and flexibility of the software, etc. Always lookout for the free trial versions. Even though it’ll have a small set of functions to offer, you’ll still have a support centre to understand the working of helpdesk support software.


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3. Provide Support in Multiple Language

When your company continues to grow, you’ll have people from different regions buying your product. Add the automatic translation to your self-serve portals and help your customers to help themselves. Your customers want their answers fast and they want it immediately. According to a study, 40% of consumers prefer to solve their issues by themselves before reaching out for help.

4. Scalability of the Software

When you opt for cloud-based helpdesk software, you can add or remove any number of users, upgrade or downgrade whenever you want or even choose not to continue as per your wish. When you’re looking at implementing CRM solution for your business, make sure that you choose something that is scalable because your business will continue to grow and you need something that fits just right.

5. Reporting and Analytics

When you finally establish your customer support team, you need to look into the behaviour of your customers. Kapture’s helpdesk support software helps you understand your agent’s activity like the number of tasks they’ve been assigned, the completed tasks, first call resolution percentage, their average call duration or their customer satisfaction rating. Reporting and analytics help you improve your agent’s efficiency and your overall customer experience.

The Conclusion

Picking out the right helpdesk might look like a Hercules task! Empower your agents and boost your agents with the right set of tools to boost their productivity and you can elevate your business to the next level. Some of the aforementioned factors should be considered when you’re looking for a CRM Helpdesk. Let us help you help your customers better than before.

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