5 Innovative Features of Helpdesk Software That You Need in 2020

5 Innovative Features of Helpdesk Software That You Need in 2020

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software or a helpdesk helps businesses manage customer support operations without any hassle. A helpdesk is a central point of contact for customers seeking assistance from businesses. An intelligent helpdesk software helps in streamlining customer support operations by automating multiple processes.

With the growing competition out there, it’s important for organizations to choose a helpdesk software that has the right set of features and capabilities. Kapture CRM offers businesses with helpdesk software that has all the tools required for your business to build strong customer relationships and deliver lasting customer service experiences.


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Here are some of the important features that a helpdesk software must offer:

  • Ticketing automation: Ticketing is one of the most important aspects of customer service. Efficient helpdesk software can automate the ticketing process, helping businesses save time and money. Kapture’s helpdesk software can route tickets to agents automatically based on any chosen criteria (language, agent availability, etc). Unresolved priority tickets can also be escalated to higher management after a certain period of time. AI-powered tools in a helpdesk software can also resolve simple tickets automatically without involving an agent work on it.
  • Omni-channel support: Customers are increasingly reaching out to businesses through various social media channels like Facebook and Instagram in addition to channels like chat or email. Thanks to the omnichannel support feature, agents can attend to customer queries on all channels without having to switch applications. A unified platform like this helps businesses reduce their turnaround time.
  • Live chat: Live chat is an important feature offered by helpdesk solutions that help agents chat with multiple customers at a time, capture, and store all customer-related data. Most of the live chat tools are mobile-friendly, enabling customers to reach out to business easily. Live chat can also use pre-formatted texts and replies, saving time for the business. In some cases, live chat can interact with a prospect and close the deal without an agent having to personally communicate with them.
  • Knowledge management system: Having a centralized database can help customer support agents respond to common questions and resolve issues faster. A KMS can either be used for internal purposes or be accessed by customers through a self-service portal. Field agents meeting with leads can refer to brochures available on the KMS using mobile CRM applications.
  • Collaborations: An efficient helpdesk software makes way for seamless team collaborations and interactions. For instance, a support agent might need information access to a customer’s payment history and other financial records. Being able to collaborate with another team within the organization can help agents resolve tickets faster.

These are some of the important features a helpdesk must offer! Contact Kapture CRM and discuss your CRM requirements with our experts.



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