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Customer relationship management is a crucial part of any business today. Operations, management, marketing, sales and service can all be handled on a CRM. This versatile power tool can really change the way you do business and that is why most companies, big or small, choose to implement CRM into the fold— for increased efficiency and greater productivity.

With a huge customer base, you have to account for all the users who prefer mobile to computer. Hence, a CRM mobile app is a must in today’s market to cater to a larger audience. But before you decide on adding a mobile version to your CRM sales app, let’s take a look at the features that you are required to make it worth your investment.

Geo-location & Geo-fencing

The very obvious feature that should be a part of the mobile CRM app is a GPS-enabled real-time geolocation system that can help your field agents know their positions on-the-go. Moreover, geo-fencing allows for proper tagging of check-in and check-out from dedicated locations and reduces the risk of false logins. Also, field sales agents can learn the locations of customers nearby directly from the mobile app. Any mobile CRM should have these particular features by default.

Daily Schedule

Setting up your daily tasks, scheduling visits and follow-ups from the mobile app is another important aspect of the mobile app. The mobile sales app android with the ability to schedule meetings and sync calendars is a great benefit! A worthy CRM app should give you more mobility when you are on the field and give you the power to perform more actions no matter where you are.


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Call Telephony & Instant Messaging

Field agents surely need an option to relay messages from the field to the head office at any time. A proper cloud telephony integration with IM enabled is what you should be looking for. Being able to get details about the transactions or reporting back to the office about the status of a ticket, these communication integrations play a big role in any mobile CRM app.

Offline Access

Truly offline experience is the best for any mobile app. When in a remote location, in case you are unable to update details of a ticket, the mobile app of the CRM should allow you to have offline options. This enables you to update the status of tickets even without a network connection. And later when you go online, it syncs up all the backed up data within minutes. This handy feature is something you should keep an eye out for.

Customer Information

Mobile sales management involves a lot of tasks and many steps. Every company has its own method and the mobile app should make it easier for you to record information at will. Both, viewing and editing information is required and a good mobile CRM app gives you the ability to check customer contact info, ticket status, location and more. Also, allowing you to add notes on tickets is an added advantage if you can get it.

In a day and age where everything is going mobile, your CRM should be able to adapt, too. It is in your best interest to find all the things that you are looking for in a mobile CRM app before you finalise on the right one.

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