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Strengthen relationships with a BFSI solution that unifies all the business requirements on a single platform

Optimal CRM Solution

Advanced Lead Management System

Control all vital facts from Kapture's banking CRM software, whether it's an account, a contact, or a policy. With just a few clicks, you can acquire additional customer prospects, build new accounts, sell the proper items to them, and monitor their success.

Efficient Lead Management

Make your company more valuable

By using Kapture's BFSI CRM, you can easily change banking, financial services, and insurance processes to focus on client needs, risk management, and fiscal prudence. Interact with customers proactively, provide your staff with the necessary tools, that serves as a baseline for your customers.

Bring Value to your Business

Delivering seamless financial services

Use Kapture CRM to provide enjoyable financial services while maintaining security. From one central dashboard, you can segment customers, track their history, and communicate with them. Personalized customer service goes a long way toward improving client happiness and retention.

Integrated service desk to help you deliver seamless financial services

Leverage Kapture CRM to deliver delightful financial services without compromising on security. You can segment customers, map their history and engage with them - all from one central dashboard. Personalized support goes a long way in increasing customer satisfaction and retention rates.


A dynamic framework that adapts to policy and regulatory developments and evolves with them

Consistent 360 degree Customer View
Congruent 360-degree client view

Build great customer stories by mapping comprehensive customer details, collecting correct lead understanding, offering relevant items, engaging in intelligent and contextual interactions, providing support with fast responses, and mapping complete customer details.

Secured KYC Documentation
Secured KYC documentation

Submit digitized documents to the Cloud, a secure platform designed to hold large amounts of customer data. Access all critical information, including the customer profile, in one place and turn KYC raw data into useful data.

Customer Profitability
Profitability of customers

To precisely quantify your clients individual profitability, efficiently combine their accounts, personal holdings, and risk up company hierarchies. Recognize your top-performing clients and deploy your resources to get the most out of them.

Robust Analytics
Analytical power

Evaluate your policies, coverage, and projected dealings and revenue using real-time reporting. Identifying your clients and accounts, as well as how likely they are to begin their financial journey with you, will help you maximize closures.

API Integration Capabilities
Synchronization capabilities with APIs

Utilize state-of-the-art integration capabilities and easy navigation to strengthen your existing partnerships with corporate clients and investors. Ensure higher productivity with zero maintenance thanks to cloud computing and adjustable functionalities.

Right information available to you

Regulate data sharing between sales executives with the right filters in place, and make sure all compliances are in order. Utilize your team’s strengths to drive your business, while we keep the background compliances in order and the machinery well-oiled and running.


We received an average of 12,000 queries per month in the form of calls and emails and Kapture helped make it seem as though there weren’t as many; as managing, prioritising and resolving tickets on a single application helped our team increase our first-call resolutions and improved our average TAT– which has now decreased to just 20 minutes from more than an hour!


Abhishek Yadav, Manager

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