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CRM for Airline Industry Helps You Overcome the High Cost of Technology


We aim to help you slash tremendously high technology costs prevelant in the Airline Industry by offering a Custom Booking Solution to simplify the process.

PSS Integration

Our Airline Reservation System smoothly integrates with the PSS currently deployed in your System. We present a Custom Solution that fits the bill perfectly for integration with third-party PSS including Amadeus and Sabre.

pss integration
Customize UI/UX

It is possible to have a user friendly customized front end design of the booking system and website unlike PSS platforms where only templates have to be followed. This helps in direct conversions from the website.

Kapture CRM provides easy and real time access to data captured at multiple levels of booking to help plan marketing campaigns better, and customize offers and promotions based on user pattern.

Overcome High Technology Cost

The PSS Platforms on the Airline Management System are not ROI-driven and incur per message or per PSS API Calls. We strive to bring down this exhorbitant cost by about 30% by introducing an additional custom layer between PSS and your Booking Channel.

Cache Technology

Cache technology can increase the conversion rate of bookings by 40-50% as per latest research. Consumers are accessing flight information from multiple devices ; by using cache consumers can quickly access all available Fare options, and can then book directly or conveniently refine the results using various searching and viewing features.

cahe technology
sales boost
Sales Boosting

We provide a custom layer between internal reservation system and sales channels to boost revenue. Maintain and control your online sales channels and customer data with ease. Easy integration with OTA’s through rich API’s pushes more sales.

Custom Booking Flow

31% leisure travelers and 58% business travelers book through smartphones. Therefore, the design and responsiveness of booking engine is of high importance. Our team of UI/ UX experts will ensure that the design and user flow is as per the latest trends to maximize conversion ratio.

Custom Booking Flow
functionaly loaded
Functionality loaded Booking Engine

Supports Multi city, Domestic, International and SOTO bookings.

  • International code sharing and SOTO bookings
  • Set Special fare for group and corporate bookings
  • Code sharing flights and multiple carriers.
  • Never miss any special fares, round fare, family fare from our platform

Our team of experts will work on a customized UI/ UX and design elements to ensure you get maximum out of your website.

Air line/interface
Contemporary Booking UI

Flexibility to choose options for departure and arrival on a single window, reduced number of reloads.

contemporary-booking ui
Selection Made Easy

Simple UI, Real time availability, Seat Selection, Direct log in for frequent flyer. Quick passenger details in one step.

Selection made easy
Faster Check out

Easy check out in just 3 steps

faster checkout
Analytics & Customer Support
  • 360 degree view
  • View Passenger
  • Online Amendments
  • View commission earned
customer mgt
Customer Management
  • Easy and Quick Customer Management
  • Prelog in option for trouble shooting
  • Add new customers easily
  • Track/ Export and your debit/ credit transactions
  • Sales Overview
  • Easy and Quick credit management
Create Custom Package

Have the flexibility to float any new promotional offers from the backend. Get real time market insights and take informed decisions on which packages to push more.

create custome package
Call Center Management

Manage your support teams across multiple locations with the help of Kapture’s Omnichannel Support platform. Integrate your call center helpline, chat, and email support into one single system.