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How to use a product management system to automate the process of field force management

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A fully integrated product management system can act as a central nervous system for your business that helps you manage inventory across every selling channel.

To simplify the process of product management and create an order hierarchy that delivers the best possible customer experience, it is possible to manage your distributors and retailers through a unified dashboard, while managing product across multiple warehouses. The product management system possess few simple tools that can help you eliminate the complexity in managing orders with the help of;

1 - A mobile enabled product catalogue that can help your on field sales team update stock with ease

field sales team update Dashboard

The product management system can be used to manage multiple items, but with ability to add unlimited products comes the need to find the right products at the right time. While adding the description of the items to the mobile catalogue, there are categories call meta descriptions where you can write up description of the stock you are adding to the system. This helps you access all your items by simply entering keywords related to the product.

2 - SKU’S to track down the right product

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Let’s assume one of the items popular with your distributors is a formal men’s shirt. This shirt has a wide variety of colors. Within each blue shirt there are multiple shades of blue which makes it difficult to pinpoint a description based just on color. In such a case, you distributor can just call you and give you the SKU of the product so you can easily track down the right item and place an order to be dispatched immediately.

3 – The Ability to Close orders on the go with a smart product management application

product management application

The product management software is a cloud based CRM that can be accessed over a mobile app as well. It acts as a powerful field force management that bridges the gap between orders placed and orders closed with the ability to mage inventory in real time across multiple channels on the application itself.


Warehouses across each state and zone give you the reach needed to penetrate the multiple markets. The product management system helps you organize all your data on a unified dashboard. The single window view of your distributors and retailers helps you manage products across these channels effectively.