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4 Order Management Tools You Need To Use and Why?

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Let’s assume you have received a bulk order for one of your best selling products from your best customer. Today he’s in a buying mood and has asked you to send over 200 pieces of stock over at the earliest.

You need to do right by you other customers, so you look at the inventory present in your warehouse and find out that you only have 250 pieces left. Now, instead of going into a tizzy because you may run out of stock for order from other channels , you first need to order more stock from your supplier and then process this big order at the earliest.


The first thing that you would need to ensure is the availability of product in your warehouse.

The order management system makes this process a breeze because with a simple mobile application you can;

  1. Keep count of your stock
  2. Help you update your stock count on the go
  3. Process orders of any quantity coming in from any one of your sales channels


The process of managing orders is a critical element to your business.

Order management covers everything from receiving the order, to placing an order with your suppliers, to receiving the payment and then sending out invoices.

Now with all these steps, it can take hours if not days to process incoming purchases, but with an order management system you can;

1 – Generate orders on the go with a Mobile Application

Mobile Application

The order management CRM comes with a mobile application that is equipped with order taking tools. So while your sales agents are on the field and they receive a large order – they can just whip out their phone, check stock quantity and place an order from the smartphone itself.

2 -Assign the right order for approval with a single tap

Assign the right order Dashboard

Once an order has been placed by an on field agent, your central office can assign the order to the relevant manager to approve the order, This process quickly creates a highway of data exchange between your sales hierarchy causing the order to be delivered to the customer at the earliest.

3 – Central View of Order Details and Status

Order Details and Status

The Central CRM database holds all the information about you customer. You can also see the status of where the order is presently, helping you ensure that you deliver the goods on time.

Order Details and Status 1

Now that the manager has approved the order, the customer can be updated about when the order is to be delivered via the order management system, by simply updating the order status.


By automating the process of inventory management, your business can scale up to your revenue goals because the bottleneck of multiple software for order processing have been removed with a simple order management system.