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Streamline and optimize your operations pipeline

A distributor-retailer operations pipeline includes multiple touch points of business interactions and customer management. In case you combine all these, the task of managing your operations pipeline can turn into a pressing challenge. Kapture CRM operational analytics enables you to comprehensively cover and manage all the operational system in a single dashboard.

Later, this data could be turned into insightful product reports and analytics that present specific business insights. These insights can eliminate bottlenecks and optimize your business activities.

Distribution Channel Performance

Identify challenges along distribution channels

Use the collected data from distribution channels to construct precise reports and visual analytics about the performance of your particular channels. Kapture CRM reports engine creates custom reports to accurately examine the overall performances of your distribution channels. The distribution channel management analytics also gives precise insights about eliminating bottlenecks and improving performances.

Retail Performance Reports

Monitor your ground sales performance

Cover multiple retail touch points and obtain comprehensive reports about your performance of your multiple retail outlets in the supply chain. Kapture retail analysis helps you recognize the factors that could potentially drive strong retail performances.

Distribution & Retail Performance report
Inventory And Product Analytics Reporting CRM Software

Inventory Reports

Manage your stock in real-time

Start to monitor and manage your stocks across your distribution points with a comprehensive inventory reporting system. The inventory management software lets you issue and approve new orders, planning new stock procurement etc

Product Report

Better insights for Better profits

Directly identify your most successful products that contribute most towards your monthly sales and revenue. Continuously refine your product line by obtaining feedback from your customers and end-consumers. Now establish your plan, materials procurement and manufacturing process to enable better production.

Order Reports

Summarize your daily orders

Using daily, weekly and monthly order reports, understand how many orders are being created and delivered in a custom time period. Obtain a full view of your order pipeline, and verify how effectively your orders are moving across to completion.

Order Analytics Reporting CRM Software