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3 main components of an operational CRM

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An operational CRM is a tool which helps in streamlining the entire business process. It automates most of the processes which in turn helps in reducing the time taken to complete multiple small tasks which are generally time-consuming. In addition to that, it also helps you maximize your employee’s productivity. The three main components of an operation CRM are:

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Service Automation

The most important feature of an operational CRM would be automating the sales, marketing, and selling processes. Managing your leads, assigning tasks, running marketing campaigns, setting up helpdesk, can all be done with an operational CRM.

1. Sales Force Automation

Sales force automation is used for automating an entire sales process. It helps in generating leads, converting the leads into prospects, assigning the leads to field/sales agents, helping the agents to take quick decisions, and converting the leads to loyal customers.

The modules of sales force automation are:

  • Lead Management - Helps in managing, assigning, and tracking leads.
  • Account Management - Account management consists of tools which help the businesses build a better relationship with their customers.
  • Sales Forecasting - Usually used for predicting the growth of the sales in the upcoming years
  • Performance Management - Keeps a track of the revenue generated, targets reached, and every other performance-related analytics
  • Quotation and Order Management - Helps in automating quotations when certain products of a particular quantity have to be delivered to a particular location.

2. Marketing Automation

As the name itself explains, marketing automation helps you streamline and automate your company’s marketing processes and tasks, to increase revenue. They have a clear picture of every lead which is being generated, and they can analyze the customer’s behaviour and improve the sales pipeline.

The modules of marketing automation are:

  • Campaign Marketing - This helps in building marketing campaigns, set budget, analyze the effectiveness of the campaign, and is the single channel of communication for all social platforms.
  • Event Marketing - Depending on the likes and dislikes of people, the information about the product would be advertised. This type of marketing will have a particular set of audience.

3. Service Automation

Service automation helps you in automating the responses for your customers when your agents are busy. Let’s say a customer raises a ticket via email. Now you can solve it on a phone call or chat to give a personal touch to it. All this can be done with the help of a unified dashboard where all the details are stored on the same platform, which makes it, even more, easier to access.


Operational CRM not only helps you reduce your capital cost, but it also increases the productivity of your agents. With automation, most of the small, time-consuming tasks can be performed expeditiously.