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Connect with your potential prospects and leads real-time with Kapture’s Multi-channel sales support. Catch hold of your leads across all channels (email, live chat, phone, social media, etc.) Map the sources of all leads and define Primary, Secondary, and even Tertiary source for in-depth mapping and get 360 view of your leads.

Discover and Leverage Every Potential Lead Opportunity

Kapture Inbox

Receive and manage your prospect E-mail inquiry threads on a unified cloud-based account. Get instant notifications, alerts, important emails, and reply directly from the CRM software. Integrate your most used email clients with Kapture and get a detailed view of every conversation taking place. Send promotional emailers, birthday, anniversary and other emails right from the CRM through our pre-defined ready-to-send email templates.

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Capture online leads through embedded custom web forms on your website. By integrating website forms into the lead management dashboard, Kapture lead CRM intimates you about the latest enquiries. Create and organize a better way of online lead management.

lead management dashboard

Marketing Campaigns

Run targeted marketing and re-marketing campaigns using integrated lead management tools. Also collect all the relevant information about the inbound leads in a single Kapture lead management system dashboard. Now start maximizing your marketing ROI and opportunities for closures.

Marketing Campaigns Dashboard

Mobile Integration

Save time by making one tap calls with Kapture’s Mobile app where every detail of your potential lead is saved. Get all the details within the CRM and ensure that no call is ever missed. Greet every customer with their first name and add a personal touch every time you call a customer. Integrate with cloud telephony and listen to every call ever made. With heavy call routing capabilities you can easily manage both inbound and outbound calls with ease.

Live Chat

Increase your team’s productivity with Kapture’s AI powered chat solution. Set automated responses to common queries, optimize resolution time, and create faster query resolution. Assign or allocate multiple tickets to one agent and let the AI deal with the generic tickets while the agent is resolving the high priority tickets.

Third Party Portals

Track the leads received from affiliate and partner websites on a unified cloud dashboard. Eliminate multiple tabs and combine all lead sources in a single dashboard.

Social Integration

Integrate social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. and easily manage your social interaction and leads, all in one place. Just integrate your social page and define the page like page id, business name and you are good to go. You can check all the updates in real-time just by logging into your dashboard. With such powerful integration, you can bring meaningful conversations right from your dashboard and even identify your potential leads, see who requires your immediate attention and stay ahead of your game.