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We understand that different industries face a wide range of dynamic situations, and solving them with a single solution is never the right way to approach.

Whether it’s an automotive, e-commerce, or an industry that’s still in its infancy, or even different verticals operating under a single entity, Kapture has the available tools/APIs/SDKs to tackle each problem at its root and come up with effective answers to create a better business ecosystem.

Kapture is equipped to deal with any and all industrial challenges, right from creating and executing a clear marketing strategy and monitoring progress in real-time, to acquiring leads from those campaigns and converting them into customers, managing payments through automated invoices, and tracking product shipments to the customer and displaying updates on a manager’s smartphone.

We also understand the importance of recognizing your customers’ value requirements and meeting them individually for building better consumer relationships. Customer Value Management (CVM) is especially useful for manufacturing, automobile, aviation and heavy industries, and we have the perfect toolkit for managing these industries’ operations.

optimize the procurement of goods and services


Connect with the right suppliers and stakeholders, and optimize the procurement of goods and services with our process automation tools.

Streamline your operational workflows


Streamline your operational workflows to allow your customers to get real-time updates on their product or service orders.

Access particular customer profiles


Access particular customer profiles to gain information about the history of interactions and pending issues.

Effect preventive maintenance activities


Effect preventive maintenance activities and ensure security policy compliances with live machine health monitoring.

entire supply chain and minimize wastage


Easily manage relationships across your entire supply chain and minimize wastage.

track of your KPIs and performance metrics


Keep track of your KPIs and performance metrics from different operations in a single and easily accessible location.

Our objective is to create a unique business management platform that caters to your specific needs – which is why we make use of customization to pick only those modules that directly affect your business, instead of forcing features that do not add value to your operations in any way.