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Medical Devices

An all-in-one support automation solution for medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies to function from a unified platform.

Customer Support Simplified

We help you smartly manage field operations, handle orders, streamline delivery and generate insightful reports based on the collected data to yes, boost sales and keep your customers engaged and happy. A combination of facilities helps medical agents engage with HCPs and HCOs with improved competence and better collaboration across internal teams.

Why is Kapture CRM for medical device companies the all-inclusive solution for Life Science businesses?

  • We maintain and organize a thorough record of all communications with customers and distributors in one place.

  • We make sure your agents don’t miss out on unattended tickets which means a lost sale. With Kapture, medical reps are always on top of their customer management game!

  • That perfect pitch to influential physicians, clinics and healthcare organisations is possible with consolidated information of new and existing products that's only possible on Kapture CRM.

Why does your Medical Device Business need a CRM?

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Kapture CRM Service for Medical device manufacturers is the preferred choice.

This is why you need us to manage and improve your team’s performance.



What is the purpose of a CRM in the medical devices industry?


You may deploy resources where they will perform the best job for you by properly employing Medical CRM – the correct marketing material and the right relationship management methods. Furthermore, as you track your marketing outcomes and relationship management efforts, you will discover how to enhance your marketing as well as how to develop or extend product offerings to suit future client demands.


What are the benefits of Medical device CRM?


Implementing a medical CRM serves you with the following benefits-

Maintain a centralized database across your sales org

Manage all communication and interactions with prospects

Automate data entry

Be reminded to follow up with prospects

Organize contact data

Segment customers

Create sales reports

Automate forecasting for your sales performance

Scale your sales processes over time

Ensure team communication is facilitated

Keep the same software as your company grows

Make administrative tasks efficient

Helps you deliver excellent customer service


What are you missing if you don’t have a Medical CRM?


Not have a Medical device CRM in your business may have the following disadvantages-

Loss of clarity

Poor productivity

High expenses on marketing, sales, and customer support

Loss of important data

Loss of focus on sales

Lack of control

Loss of business opportunities

Loss of customer loyalty

Losing out to competition


What are the features to look for while choosing medical CRM?


There are some of the features that you must look for while thinking of implementing a Medical CRM-

Reporting and analytics

Team management

Mobile CRM


Inventory management

Ability to integrate

Experience the Best

Customer Support

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