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Awesome insights for improved marketing

Marketing Reporting, Simplified

Running multiple marketing campaigns concurrently makes it hard to track and evaluate them on a timely basis. The overwhelming complex reports can cover-up the essential insights. The right marketing reporting tools lets you understand and leverage the current market dynamics. Kapture marketing reporting software enables you to tag and track all your marketing activities on a single CRM dashboard.

The in-depth marketing analytics enables you to form accurate insights about your every marketing activity. Further, you can use these insights to define and improve your most effective campaign actions to generate a higher ROI.

Acquire the complete 360 degree reporting tools for marketing

Almost all the available marketing tools are geared to measure a specific aspect or part of your business activity. It can measure website performance or social media performance. This doesn’t give you the complete insight about your marketing processes.

Kapture marketing reporting software enables you to collect data, generate reports and derive insights from the collected data. By this system, you can continuously understand and improve your marketing operations and generate a higher ROI.

  1. collect data from the multiple marketing touch points
  2. Store and access data on the cloud platform
  3. Generate up-to-date reports and analytics
  4. Draw insights about running campaigns

Kapture marketing reporting tools enable you to effectively increase your leads to sales conversion ratio and decrease your customer acquisition costs.

Optimize for Marketing ROI

Maximize Returns through intelligent decisions

Kapture marketing reports lets you evaluate campaign performances based on collected information and gauge the overall performances based on key metrics. Start spending your budget and time on campaigns that matter!

Online Marketing report analytics Dashboard
Digital Lead analysing Dashboard

Digital analytics

Get a more complete picture of campaign analytics

Track the acquired leads and conversions of your combined search / social campaigns on a single dashboard. Kapture CRM integrates both Google Analytics and Facebook Campaigns on a single system. This enables you to track the campaign ROI based on actual lead to sales conversion and make smart campaign adjustments to generate better leads.

Campaign tracking

Track your campaign performances

Automate tracking all your relevant marketing campaign metrics based on accurate inbuilt tracking systems such as URL and Location tracking. This helps you effectively measure the effectiveness of each agency and marketing effort. Kapture CRM enables you to make ROI-based marketing decisions.

Location tracking

Track and Manage Offline Marketing Assets

Track, audit and evaluate all your offline marketing assets on a single platform - Kapture marketing CRM. The mobile CRM enables you to tag and upload the photos of BTL / OOH campaigns with time and location details to a common cloud system. By enabling location tagging for each campaign asset, you can optimize the right campaigns.

URL tracking

Manage Multiple Digital campaigns

Combine, run and track multiple digital campaigns such as on a single dashboard. You can tag a custom URL for each specific social media or search campaign. By accurate URL tagging, you can check the source of each lead or visit from a single dashboard. This enables you to optimize each campaign or derive important metrics to improve each campaign.

marketing Analysing of Leads through Analytics Offline Marketing analyse of leads
marketing Analysing of Leads through Analytics

Campaign optimization

Don’t let the dynamics baffle you

Marketing campaigns are not static, and nor must their handling be. As data keeps pouring into Kapture, it can dynamically create substantial reports of real-time events, and allow you to make adjustments to the campaign so as to maximize its impact.