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Multi-task across multiple campaigns

Leverage multiple marketing channels across the board

The present day marketing management involves leveraging every possible stream of lead acquisition. This requires simultaneously running multiple online-offline marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Kapture CRM enables you to connect and streamline leads from these multiple channels into a single dashboard. Kapture CRM hands you over reins of your multi channel marketing strategy!

Organize and Run optimized Campaigns across Channels

Individually collecting and responding to leads from multiple marketing channels can be tiresome and time consuming. Kapture multichannel CRM exponentially increases your lead and marketing management utility, enabling you to attract and convert leads from multiple online-offline marketing channels. They multi channel marketing software also improves your lead response speed which means that your prospects are more engaged and likely to respond positively to your outreach.

Create, develop and run intricate marketing campaigns based on a multichannel CRM to generate the optimal ROI for your marketing campaigns.

Website forms

Optimize website forms for lead acquisition

Kapture form integration captures valuable website leads from strategically placed website enquiry and feedback forms. The captured leads are streamlined into your CRM dashboard that enables you to view and respond to each enquiry. Now turn your website forms into prolific lead acquisition channels.

Website Form
Live Support Chat MArketing CRM system

Live chat

Real-time engagement with website visitors

Turn your website into a powerhouse of customer engagement with Kapture’s in-built live chat support. Engage and solve website visitors’ queries in real-time, and make sure that every lead returns as a customer.

Email marketing

Multiply your sales with target marketing

Run multiple e-mail marketing campaigns with precision, and deliver the message to your target pool of customers. Track metrics like delivery rate, open rate and click rate and maximize the impact of email marketing with an inbox delivery that’s powered by Send Grid.

Email Marketing Campaign Dashboard
Digital Ads Monitoring Marketing CRM Software

Digital ads

Identify your best marketing avenues

Kapture helps you monitor your digital campaigns and track your leads, right from its CRM platform. Integrate Google and Facebook ads, and back your decisions with powerful metrics like ROI.

Social media

Tune-in to the channel of their choice

Utilize the marketing channel of your customers’ preference. Kapture CRM multichannel CRM integrates facebook and twitter feeds into the common dashboard. Whether it’s a tweet, comment or a wall post on your facebook business page, you can make personalized responses right from the CRM software.

Social media post / feed Managing Marketing CRM tool
Offline Marketing Tracking CRM Syatem

Print ads and billboards

Big investments should have great returns

Strategically place multiple cloud telephonic numbers on various billboards and print ads. By effectively distinguishing each offline marketing display, you can track and evaluate the performance of each asset. Kapture marketing channel system lets you distinguish and analyze your best performing marketing assets to move towards making smarter decisions.