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How to make Servicing your Company’s Forte?

Servicing your Company BAnner

Brands are set apart with the quality of customer service they provide. This fact is evident from the ever-changing customer expectations that seek personalized communciation with the Service Desk on the platform of their choosing, instant fixes and answers, as well as same-day delivery of products and services.

Service Automation enables brands to continue to provide world-class customer service and turns call centers into a powerhouse that constantly engages with customers to improve the way their brand communicates, resolves and satisfies. The goal of service automation is to increase brand reliability among customer base and attract new customers.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to turn Service from being your company’s biggest challenge to its biggest forte:

1. Its all about Resolutions:

Service Centers are expected to continuously provide resolutions at every step of customer interactions. Service Automation unites the various operations within a service center so that uniformity and synchronicity exists in levels of customer query handling. Smart Resolutions increase brand awareness and positive reviews both online as well as offline. The Omnichannel Solution has been the greatest boon for Service Centers trying to excel in providing first-rate resolutions to queries on multiple inbound channels.

2. Omnichannel Servicing is the Key:

The word ‘Omnichannel Servicing’ is appearing everywhere and for good reason. Omnichannel Integration in your Service Centre is the key that opens many doors with regards to multi-channel customer interaction automation. Sourcing inbound requests from many different sources on one place is what Kapture CRM offers as a one-stop solution.

3. Custom Rules for Service Automation:

On the journey to high-quality service, custom automation rules segregate queries. Major Automation Rules essential for streamlining the service center include Customer Profile Automation, Email Segmentation Automation, Priority Management Automation.

4. Mobility is Top Priority:

In this era of high machine dependence, Service Centers are required to rectify issues occuring at the product level even before customers are even close to being agitated at non-functioning machines. Mobile-First Servicing via Mobile CRM/Live GPS Tracking should be top priority for Enterprises looking to make Servicing their Forte.

5. Automation in place for Annual Maintenance and Warranties:

The happiest customers are those that sail-through annual maintenance and warranty checks without having to suffer through endless follow-ups. When Service Centers no longer have to rely on customers to send reminders and instead receive and dispatch pre-contracted servicing on the dot, that’s when they come several notches closer to quality servicing.

6. Measure and Track Customer Satisfaction Metrics:

Customer Satisfaction is of primary importance for a Service Center. When this decisive factor is measured, tracked, and automated; you are that much closer to making Servicing your Strength. CSAT Metrics like NPS Score when tracked tells the story of hiccups on your enterprise’s journey of efficient servicing.