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Whether your activities are focused on individuals, tour operators or corporations, our hotel CRM software can be customized to your operations and become your biggest ally. Integrate your customers’ accounts with Kapture CRM’s account management tools to manage them with ease.

Engaging with your guests and turning them into repeat visitors requires personalized customer management. Kapture CRM hospitality accounting provides a systematic way to create long-term warm customer relationships. Kapture Hotel accounting software lets you have engaging and personalized interactions with your existing customers.

This also provides a greater versatility at end-to-end guest management; Categorize visitors according to customer type, custom pricing rates, packages and bonus benefits etc. Get ready for smarter guest management with Kapture hotel accounting software!

Collect and Bring Sense to your customer Data

The integrated hotel accounting system lets you distinguish and profile your customers as individual, agents or corporate entities. This enables you to create in-depth customer profiles and specific protocols for managing your customer base. Better customer segmentation with smarter hotel accounting system!

Assign Customers to Teams

Close the distance in your business relationships and localize your customer interactions. Kapture CRM lets you view the customer or lead location and assign them to be managed by the particular tour operator or sub-office. Now gain a consolidated and comparative view of your entire customer list.


Avoid duplicate entries and eliminate information-confusion by handling all guest entries in a unified cloud platform! This allows you to manage all the customer conversations in a single platform. This helps you gain a consolidated and comparative overview of your customer data!


Using a one-size-fits-all approach for a diverse customer base with distinctive characteristics is counter-productive. With customer profiling, categorize your customers and setup custom workflows for queries and bookings for each of them.


Directly boost your income by putting-first the needs and requests of your high value customers! Kapture CRM lets you actively prioritize between different guests, tour operators and corporate accounts. This enables you to respond to your key customer inquiry at the earliest. Having improved the response times for your key customers can also realize bigger booking deals and better customer retention.
Kapture Hotels Account Management
Kapture hotel CRM account software


Tour operators and corporates may have offices in multiple cities, and queries from each of these locations must be managed by a single team. The hotel CRM software allows you to assign sub-offices for each customer, and gain a consolidated and comparative view of each of your large-scale customers.


Equip yourself to be present to convert every potential customer opportunity! Within each CRM customer account, you can set timeline and reminder to manage all customer interactions all- year-round. You can also set store and access reminders about future customer needs, including preferred means of contact such as online, offline or in-person.


Record and store your tour operator and corporates’ past data, which includes received queries, past orders, number of quotations and invoices sent, payments received, partial payments received, number of interactions made with your executives.


Begin belated customer personalization and engagement with CRM-based customer accounts! The cloud platform can send automated email / SMS to the corresponding customer based on pre-set card templates. This enables you to build strong customer relationships and gain a competitive edge!


The CRM escalation matrix helps you turn every knock-on-the-door into real bookings. The escalation matrix enables you to set a time-limit in responding to every new inquiry. Afterwards, the inquiries get escalated to a higher hierarchy. This helps you improve your lead response time and decrease lead drop-off ratio. Always remember, Opportunities and hospitality guests wait for no one!
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