Unbounce Integration with Kapture

Timed page pop-ups are all the rage right now. It is the feature that has been doing the rounds on most websites that rely on collecting data from users. It is a great way to enhance user experience without being too aggressive or direct. It helps companies make any website seem more interactive, engaging and useful.

  • What is Unbounce?

Unbounce is a landing page platform which focuses on giving your website a great and lasting first impression! What you can opt for is a custom timed pop-up, designed on their platform, which appears when there is, say, 10 seconds of inactivity. The main purpose of these custom pop-ups is to provide assistance to customers who are unsure about how to proceed. This is why there is a delay before the window pops up.

Usually, a pop-up window has 3 main elements:

  1. Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Phone Number

Although, this can differ from one business to another.

The pop-up can be made to appear anywhere― the Home Page, the Booking Engine or even as a sign-in option. You can decide which elements you want to be present. All of this is customisable.

The data entered is then collected under the head “Unbounce Leads”.

  • How does it help the customer?

For instance, users who are on a company website looking to make bookings or check out information about any particular thing, they may not know exactly where to look. The site can only provide so much information about plans and tariffs; for further information, users can fill up the form which appears as a pop-up and get connected immediately with the company’s agent. A more customer-centric approach helps the user have a smoother experience with the website.

  • What are the benefits to the company?

What every business needs is to minimise customer acquisition costs. Apart from this, it also crucial to generate important leads that in turn boost sales. So, a backend lead extraction integration not only does all your work for you, it also reduces your costs. Yet another plus for the company is that this integration builds up its email list. Voluntary data submission by a customer is surely a win in the company’s book. How the company brings that lead to fruition is a topic for another day.

  • What is Kapture’s role in all of this?

Kapture, as a CRM partner of the business, helps make all of the aforementioned activities possible from a practical standpoint. Its automated system registers all the leads from integrated pop-ups into a distinct section. Again, Kapture’s technology does the heavy lifting, making an agent’s job much easier.

The fundamental serviceability behaves as an exceedingly prompt lead-extraction embedding. Kapture’s integration achieves more that the alternative. There is a direct, positive relationship between the appearance of the pop-up and potential further clicks. Enabling you to collect more data, directly on to your dashboard is a huge advantage. Kapture makes that possible on the cloud-based storage API allowing you to store all leads from this particular page.

  • Is it up to Innovations after all?

Integrations are today’s trendy addition to websites. Implementing the right kind of option on your website is the trick to make your page more riveting. Using the pop-up integration with CRM support from Kapture has brought about new avenues of going about customer acquisition and gaining more market share.

Who would have thought that you could make pop-ups bring in more business? Innovations have led us here and we speak, not only for ourselves, when we say that being new and improved is always the right way forward.

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