Email Marketing Data Analytics via SendGrid

The most preferred way of getting the word out is via Email. Most businesses embrace this method of marketing as a default. Just stating the facts here― Email marketing is simple, direct and really converts better. According to OptinMonster, more than 99% of consumers check their emails every day. That is surely a statistic to take advantage of. Speaking of statistics, email marketing campaigns bring you more than just new clients― they bring in useful numbers.

  • Choose Email

The best part of marketing via email is that you own your email list. It is unlike any other form of marketing because the transaction is unilateral. The need for a dialogue does not even arise. Calls or door-to-door marketing take up way too much time and resources. Plus, there is the topic to cost to ponder over. Social Media is a growing phenomenon and is becoming a useful tool for marketing. However, the return on investment that an email campaign brings is unparalleled. At a very low cost, you can reach hundreds of thousands of consumers in a matter of minutes.

  • Get a look-see behind the scenes

I know what you’re thinking― how can you know if the campaign is successful? Cue in Kapture’s exemplary Email Campaign Stats tab. It is highly data-driven and quite extensive, giving you all the important statistics of your Email Campaigns. With Kapture CRM, not only can you create and run multiple email campaigns, but you can also view the results of every campaign.

This has been made possible with a SendGrid integration within the CRM system. It is a utilitarian email marketing application which helps you set up, track and evaluate email campaigns. The major highlight of SendGrid is an automated compilation of statistics of individual single sends. You can get a curated list that tells you the number of mail opens, clicks, blocks, unsubscribes, etc. Moreover, email statistics of mails delivered, dropped, bounced, processed and deferred can be viewed.

The company metrics and analytics have much to offer in such an operation. What we see is that email reports can be taken to a whole new level. Kapture’s Email Campaigns receive logs and details for every campaign that is run. The numbers get updated periodically and is quintessential for future campaigns. Your email list will surely have a say in how your campaign fares.

  • Kapture’s Varied Templates

The very basis of making such an email campaign successful is the ease of creating it. Kapture’s pre-existing email templates allow for deciding all particulars of an email blast. You can choose specific template format suiting your requirements. Parameters differ for each and are based on the promotion. That is not it, we have the option to create a new template from scratch, thus achieving desired results by factoring in all things that can be found relevant and important to the campaign.

A scalable CRM is key in devising an intelligent design with enough flexibility to offer more than just the usual. That you can directly view statistics of your email marketing campaign from the CRM software is exactly the kind of convenience and user-friendly design that Kapture provides.

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