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Business Intelligence

Optimize your decisions by using system's intelligence to forecast demand, cabin occupancy levels, pricing matrix based on historical data and market driven changes . Understand when to discount or which package to promote more with the help of technology.

Business Intelligence Dashboard
  • Cutting Edge Analytics
  • Report Engine
  • Advanced Fare & Rate Management

Cutting Edge Analytics

As the system integrates with multiple channels of bookings, customer interaction touch points, booking API's and marketing channels. It provides analytics on multiple functions of your business like Marketing campaign performance, revenue analysis, Call center productivity and more.

Cutting Edge Analytics Dashboard

Report Engine

Get over 500+ graphical reports just by clicking on the desired parameters.

Report Engine Dashboard

Advanced Fare & Rate Management

The smart AI enabled business intelligence technology performs complex operations for predictive analysis. The smart system predicts customers’ future transactions based on the previous booking data. It also helps in predicting the offers/discounts that can help accelerate sales. All the information is stored and updated on a real-time basis to perform complex financial analysis along with analyzing ROIs.

Advanced Fare & Rate Management Dashboard