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CRM (Customer relationship Management) is the means to engage with your customers seamlessly at any point of time. These could be your existing customers or prospects. CRM is useful for monitoring daily operations, sales, customer service, payments, customer database and workflow processes. Cloud based CRM software provides ample data storage space and can be accessed from anywhere.

CRM system can prove highly useful in extracting real time reports, tracking company’s performance and key result areas.

CRM Software for Small Business

Why A Small Business Should Invest in CRM ?

CRM platforms are useful for companies of any size. It forms the building block to any business.
However, below are the key areas, CRM can benefit your company.

Cost efficiency Icon

Cost efficiency

Cloud based CRM software don't require any hardware set up or storage space. You also don't require a specialized IT department...

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Data Repository Icon

Central Data Repository

Deploying a CRM system from the beginning ensures all data is stored and categorized properly right from the start...

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Customers Lead Track Icon

Keeping track of customers and leads

Small businesses need to monitor each and every lead closely and stay on top of it. The way interaction happens at each stage of lead is a...

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Data Report Icon


As data gets fed into a central system management at different levels and location can dig out reports for their department in...

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Internal Communication Icon

Internal Communication

CRM acts as a default means to communicate within a business whether its internal, inter department or with vendors.

Tasks Automation Icon

Automation of Tasks

Automating sales, service and operational tasks and save precious time of an organization. Employees can better use their time in...

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Kapture CRM for Small Business

Kapture CRM can take care of both sales and service automation for your business. Our team will help you set up the system and you can go LIVE in no time

Lead Management System Dashboard

Lead Management System

Organize and Manage all your potential leads from multiple channels like phone, references, trade shows, online, exhibitions, third party sites or channel partners. Monitor how lead progresses from one stage of sales cycle to the other.

Sales Forecasting Dashboard

Sales Forecasting

Set up targets for your sales team based on data available in the system. Forecast your sales based on lead stage like hot, cold, warm. See the entire sales funnel with lead status. Map your customers zone wise or whichever way you prefer. Pull put team reports from the system.

Field sales Mobile App Dashboard

Field sales Mobile App

Kapture CRM mobile app assists your sales team to update their reports, customer database, contact details, create daily plans, minute their meetings, create client meeting map based on location and perform all important sales tasks on the go. It works even on offline mode and you can sync in whenever you are online.

Email and SMS Template Dashboard

Email and SMS Template

Create SMS and Email templates or choose from ready made templates to send automated reminder or follow up mails to your customers. Send birthday mailers, promotional messages or simply a Thank you note. Create as many templates as you wish.

Quotation and Invoice Management Dashboard

Quotation and Invoice Management

As a startup or small business Kapture CRM supports in generating quotations and invoices from the system once upload the template and applicable taxes with payment terms. You can also track pending payments and partial payments.

Email Ticketing Dashboard

Email Ticketing

Once you close a customer or a deal its imperative to constantly be in touch with your customers and also address their queries, feedback in a timely fashion. Kapture Service CRM ensures all your email queries come into a central dashboard from where your agents can reply, view past history, check customer information and previous tickets. You can also send automated emailers, attachments, images, feedback forms depending on your interaction with the customer.

Chat Management Dashboard

Chat Management

Kapture chat is a Plug 'N' Play feature that can run on your website by simple script insertion. You can view chat tickets along with email tickets and also create auto replies from the system.

API's and Integrations Dashbaord

API's and Integrations

Our ready to use API’s will help you take off with the system in no time. Kapture integrates with Google calendar, Mailchimp, Trello, Shopify, and many more platforms.

Social Media Ticketing Dashbaord

Social Media Ticketing

Track and resolve tickets coming from social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Respond to tickets from system without logging in everytime.

Reports Dashbaord


Generate 500+ automated reports on sales and service productivity. Simple go to the report engine plot the legends and system will generate the report in few seconds. Measure your service levels, sales target versus achievement, ticket status and much more.


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Yes, you can sync your Google calendar instantly.
We have an excel import/export option in the system.
Mobile app works even on offline mode, you can sync the data once you are online.

A small business has unique needs and a crm seeks to fulfill each one of them. Most of all, what really helps a small business scale up is cost efficiency and automation of manual tasks. A CRM software & sales crm for small business closes every gap within a small business so that the customer can be the centre of focus in every sphere. With a CRM for SME, you can automate the two most crucial aspects of your business namely, sales and service. A small business crm offers unique benefits to fledgling companies including a vastly improved way of storing data, keeping track of customers, and collaboration within teams.

The right CRM will make a big difference to small businesses since the right solution will determine whether your company can produce expected results and be high on performance. Kapture CRM for SME is customized for small businesses, and offers the whole suite of features for both sales and service, and advanced functionality including automated reports, lead management, etc. Kapture will help your startup take the quantum leap right at the start. Kapture small business crm is automated for every business in just under 60 days with the expertise of a dedicated implementation team.