Consumer Ex in Servicing – why?

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Consumer Ex in Servicing – why?

Enhancing the consumer experience is a game changer for organisations. Huge potential lies await for companies that improved their servicing in the past few years since consumer ex is a deciding factor that moves customers to engage with a modern-day business.

Customer relationships in the digital era:

The flavour of modern customer experience details how the modern consumer is smart and sensitive to how brands care for them.In fact, Forbes is sure that Customer Ex is a brand in itself, and a ladder that companies are climbing up in order to be miles ahead of their competitors.

Consumer ex is helping organisations hack their work cycle in half with smarter strategies that make customers happy in dealing with your brand. So rather than aimlessly contributing to the already mounting quantity of work everyday, its an opportunity to improve quality while achieving high satisfaction ratings from clients.

Consumer experience hopes to achieve what no other business strategy truly focuses on; the impression that you leave with customers, improving the way they think and feel about your brand.

The sudden hue and cry:

Is all the fuss about consumer experience just another passing phase or is it the final piece of the puzzle that will move small businesses to the big league this year?

Behold the empowered customer – he/she sees it all and knows it all. Gimmicks can’t get past them and good social media reputation is a big decision maker for them.

Consumer Ex has taken precedence over product and innovation as well, since branded customer engagement is winning more customers than innovative products.

On the road to brand building, a unified platform converts customers, racking up on loyalty points. As consumers move through their lifecycle, the chain of conversations on multiple channels should be continued on one interface.

Every team that directly interacts with the customer has a role to play in shaping consumer experience. And each of these teams can connect the dots to consumer touchpoints with the interactive consumer experience platform.

Functionalities of the CX Dashboard:

1. Customer Profiling:
Perceiving your customers from all angles that benefit processes will help you tailor your operations to better cater to them. Customer Profiling is a solution that offers 360 view on your customers so that you’re always in the loop about their preferences.


  • Segmenting the entire customer base by granting them classifiers like ‘VIP’, ‘Retailer’, ‘Distributor’ etc.
  • The CX Dashboard will have pockets to grant status to customers like ‘Active’, ‘Prospective’ in order to dedicate email sequences and workflows for each.
  • Part of improving the consumer experience is tailoring pricing strategy for individual consumers based on their profiles. Consumers loyal to the brand or those used to placing bulk orders need to be presented with custom rate plans.

2. The ‘Single Pane of Glass’ approach:
This approach, encompasses Omnichannel, sales/service/marketing, API integration to amass customer information input on third-party channels. Lastly, this approach involves Analytics

3. The final push to the cloud:
The consumer journey is changing at too rapid a pace. The final push for consumer experience is moving the whole CX platform to an experience cloud Imagine this virtually large cloud that serves as a single system for storing and managing multiple processes like marketing, sales, customer service, and more. This one-large cloud connects customers to brands on various channels like phone, email, etc. Wherever your consumers are, the CX cloud ensures that you are always connected to your consumer. The CX cloud delivers the same tailored experience to consumers irrespective of when, why, and who they are interacting with, within your organisation.


This is just a snapshot of what a Consumer Experience platform can do for business. By giving a unique experience to consumers, its possible to stand out from the crowd by connecting the dots to consumer touchpoints along their journey.