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A Sure Fire way to break the ice during a cold call
One Video - 5 minutes
Bhawna Sharma
This video will cover the essential skills that the learner will need to develop in order to break the ice and build rapport with the prospect
Three action items to design world class b2b sales presentations
One Article - 5 Minutes
Abhishek Padmanabhan
This module will cover how to write a world class sales presentation and how to slowly bait the prospect with small pieces of information that will pique his interest
Why you should at objections as a blessing.
One Video - 3 minutes
Anju Nambiar
This module will give you a simple trick to deal with objections leading to a closed sale
The Inner Game Of Selling.
One Video - 3 minutes
Rahul sehrawat
How to create an inner world of motivation to unlock the star salesman within you