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Cloudy with a chance of increased productivity

A CRM that’s cloud ready will help you accomplish
much more than ever before.

Data accessibility

Your data, whenever and wherever you want

Combine customer conversations from multiple channels to a single team inbox in a smart and intuitive way.


Scale your system as you grow

Assign tickets to the relevant teams and team member. Also, track the particular tickets getting closed or escalated to an individual who ranks higher in the hierarchy.

Data recovery

Better safe data, than lost data

Access particular customer profiles to gain information about the history of interactions and pending issues.

Automatic updates

Spontaneity is the new efficiency

A dashboard view is all you need to quickly view each ticket, the agents working on them and the turn-around time.

Data synchronization

Quit the waiting game

Set default responses in our ticketing software and keep your customers engaged while you work to resolve their issues.

Low hardware costs

Less capital, more freedom

Reduce ticket resolution time by escalating idle and unattended tickets to the reporting authority.