Top 10 Reasons You Lose Customers

Reasons To Lose Customers
A happy business banks totally on keeping its customers happy. Better said than done, it is a mighty task to accomplish in his highly competitive global market, where small businesses spring up like mustard, to eat up your space. In testing times like these, losing a customer can pinch you even more. Here’s a list of top 10 reasons which piss off a customer to no end!

1. You’re too late to respond

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Customers behave just like your partner. They like to be pampered and responded to quickly. KAPTURE is a cloud-based CRM platform with an inbuilt query resolution software which compiles all customer queries on a single platform, helping you respond to queries quickly.

2. You don’t give them easy access

If you are assuming that you are the chosen one and your customers are just your source of revenue, then you are living in a pseudo world.  Unless you give them easy access to send their queries or complaints, you will soon have to bid goodbye to them, maybe forever. KAPTURE is a cloud-based mobile CRM platform which easily integrates with email, chat and call-centers systems to help manage queries coming in from various touch-points.

3. Query resolution process is cumbersome

Imagine you buy a product from your favorite brand and notice later that it is a faulty one. You try to get in touch with the customer care guys though their call-center. They first don’t pick your phone and when they do, you are asked to write a mail. You wait for days for them to respond and end up boiling with anger. You might as well decide to give up but that brand will no longer be your favourite choice. KAPTURE comes with a customer self-service portal though which query resolution process becomes absolutely efficient.

4. Lengthy turnaround time for resolution

Outdated systems don’t have the functionality to segregate queries based on their type, due to which closing them takes a lot of time. A query raised might not be as important to you but they mean the world for your customers. KAPTURE comes with a task-resolution software through which queries can be assigned to respective departments automatically. You can also set timelines and an escalation matrix to ensure that they are resolved as soon as possible.

5. You hardly send personalized messages

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Going personal is how you will share an emotional connect with your audience. Addressing them by their names, giving them personal accounts to log in their complaints and queries will enhance the customer experience, and make them want to stick to your brand. Kapture’s customer self-service portal does exactly that!

6. Your business is not on mobile

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When the whole world is going mobile, you can’t sit back there on your easy chair and do nothing about transforming your business. KAPTURE’s mobile CRM software will give your customers the power to access their personal accounts and check status of their queries and transactions when they are on the go.

7. You don’t have a strong loyalty programme

Designing and implementing loyalty programmes based on buying patterns and customer behavior is crucial to increase repeat sales. KAPTURE is the best CRM platform for customer service which not only can be customized based on your requirements but can also generate 350+ reports to measure customer satisfaction index and help you work on and implement the best-fit loyalty programmes.

8. You don’t have a smart CRM software

There are thousands of CRM software’s for customer care which claim to offer the best solutions for you. What differentiates the good from the ordinary is the smartness quotient. How efficiently it manages customer care processes, how much it enhances the customer experience levels and much more. KAPTURE is the smartest Customer service platform you can ask for, which can mold itself based on your business model.

9. You never thought of enhancing customer experience

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As a modern business, you should keep asking your customers how happy they are with your products or services. By measuring the customer satisfaction index you can gauge their behavior. KAPTURE CRM helps you do that with powerful analytics and an inbuilt customer survey software.

10. You think you are smarter than your customer

Last but not the least. Always remember, you are not better or smarter than your customer. The moment they get a hint that you are thinking on those lines, get ready to be ditched by them!

So now that you’ve got the list with you, hope you’ll do it right, starting now! GO KAPTURE CRM!

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