Social CRM Frontier For Customer Service

Social CRM Frontier For Customer Service

For marketers all over the world, the customers’ social media activity has always been a source of intrigue, owing to the fact that until recently, it was not easily trackable or measurable. Fortunately, the social media tools and strategies available today have eliminated such problems and made it easier to plan and improve a firm’s social media campaigns for better customer service and engagement. Therefore, it would be interesting to get a brief overview of…

How to generate customer interest with CRM software for social media

Today social media is a prime factor at determining success in any industry. A business with positive social media presence has better brand image and higher sales. On the contrary, a negligible social Media presence means lack of trust and dwindling sales. Why Gaining Social media Attention is substantial? For any business serious about its long-term perspective, customer satisfaction should the guiding light. A business with long-term audience satisfaction has better brand image and higher…

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