6 visible signs that you need a way better Sales CRM [INFOGRAPHIC]

6 visible signs that you need a way better Sales CRM [INFOGRAPHIC]

Building a scalable sales process is tough. There is no methodology, no diagrams and no expert opinion on how you should be actually selling your product. But, one thing is for sure that no matter what you sell, it has to be a team effort. In order to sell your product successfully, your sales team has to be on the same page. But, how do you identify that your sales process is in lined and…

How are web-based CRM software better than their traditional counterparts

Web-based CRM can be quite a mysterious beast, even for tech-savvy business owners. Let’s start with the basics: What exactly is a CRM software service? Put simply, CRM stands for customer relationship management. So, it essentially is software engineered to help you better manage your client relationships. Many web-based CRM systems include extra features such as web integration, business forecasting and database management. You can even get ‘total solution’ systems that have CRM capabilities, inventory…

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