For an e-commerce business, a mobile app is a short-cut to both customers’ wish list and heart. сегодня, most of the millennials are familiar with mobile apps for making online purchases.

But mobile app purchases are inherently different from web purchases.

За это, let’s understand by considering the case of a typical millennial e-commerce customer. For now, we’ll name him Jerod. He’s cozy with making his online purchases through his mobile app.

Jerod has ordered a flower bouquet for his girlfriend living in another City. Unfortunately, he forgot to change the delivery address since the last time he ordered the flowers. Сейчас, he’s confused in deciding between canceling the order or risk having the flowers being delivered to a random girl living on the same address and face a very unhappy girlfriend.

разумеется, it’s much more convenient for Jerod to cancel the particular order than expend time and energy to figure out how to change the delivery address.

Almost all e-commerce buyers can relate to this as we all have faced this situation at some point. This is one of the biggest reasons for order cancellations and returns.

From an e-commerce business’s perspective, they need to handle hundreds or even thousands of orders per day. The customers having second thoughts about their orders and the consequent cancellations can off-set their numbers in a big way.

В этой ситуации, the e-commerce players should have the right strategy to avoid order cancellations and rejections.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities


If your e-commerce mobile app is installed on the website, it’ll definitely take you ahead of the competitor at acquiring new customer orders.

But as we have seen, it also brings multiple challenges in managing and fulfilling those customers’ orders. Within this bracket, you can also include similar operational issues such as delayed orders, operational issues, так далее.

В этой ситуации, an in-app chat feature provides your customers with an easy and straightforward way to engage with your audience. By having a chat system within the e-commerce app, your customers can be assured that you’ll be available if anything goes off-the-rail after the purchase.

In-app Chat: – Completing your in-app Purchase Experience


In order to acquire regular purchases, you need to improve your customer experience. За это, you need to ask an important question ‘what constitutes a great online purchase experience?

A great purchase experience happens when everything goes as per the expectation. In order to facilitate a great in-app purchase experience, an e-commerce business should be able to pre-define these potential challenges and provide directly actionable resolutions.

Например, let’s take the case of Jerod. As soon as he realizes that he needs to change the address, he’ll look for the easiest and the most practical way to make the necessary change.

A successful e-commerce business would be able to do this through the chat utility within the mobile app.

With an in-app chat solution, your customer can raise queries about any of their previous orders. By having all their previous orders on a single screen, the customer can choose any of their previous order.

В то же время, the support team can individually manage each customer’s order.

Based on the particular customer profile and order ID, your support team can instantly zero-in on the status of a particular customer order.

позже, the support team member can make the requisite changes and confirm the same to the customer.

By managing all the changes through a single cloud-based helpdesk platform, you can prevent customer service mishaps where a customer request could potentially go unheeded.

In-app to Multi-channel Conversation


When an in-app chat is a great solution, it’s not a great idea to limit your customer support to a single channel of interaction.

За это, let’s examine a case where the mobile isn’t immediately accessible to the customer. In case your customer mobile runs out of power or gets buried deep within the bag, the in-app chat support system could become inaccessible to your customers.

In this case, you need to provide a multi-channel customer support system for your users.

Kapture CRM allows you to create in-depth customer profiles which enables you to tag customer emails, phone number, Facebook profile, так далее.

В этом случае, your users can seamlessly transition from an in-app chat to any other alternate channel of communication. This could be Facebook chat or email or a direct phone call.

In any of these situations, Kapture CRM automates recognizing the individual customer based on their customer profile.

This allows you to have real-time customer conversations, enabling you to drive more meaningful interactions.


сегодня, an average e-commerce customer is accustomed to having it the easy way. В этой ситуации, an e-commerce business should be able to support the customer. This includes managing queries and order between the times of ordering to the final delivery.

Kapture’s in-app chat is an easy and straightforward way to handle direct interactions and manage cross-channel interactions. В очереди, this will also help you build a prolific and engaged customer base.

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