Need of Order Tracking system

Understanding The Need for Order Tracking Systems

If there is one thing customers love to do post-shopping is to keep an eye on the delivery process. Customers hate being uninformed about the whereabouts of their purchases. Almost all businesses today need an efficient order-tracking system that will help business operations, as well as the customers, keep a lookout on the products. Businesses that deal with the sale of any kind of physical goods are in need of efficient and easy-to-use order tracking systems. Customers like being independent and expect to be able to keep an eye on their purchases or orders in real-time right after a purchase is made. Though this practice has become prevalent across every major online retailer, businesses still struggle to maintain order when it comes to executing deliveries. And this is where Order tracking systems come into play.

What is an order tracking system?

An order tracking system is a part of customer order management that allows businesses as well as customers to effectively and precisely track orders once the purchase is done. It helps businesses and customers by serving as a one-stop solution for processes and actions involved in the successful delivery of a product.

Did you know that according to Retail TouchPoints, about 51% of shoppers want real-time visibility into the status of their orders? Order tracking systems enable businesses to securely execute the delivery of all purchases in a smooth, efficient, and most importantly cost-effective manner. These systems for software manage product information, inventory available to promise and sourcing, order entry and customer service, all in a single space.

But when should businesses have an order tracking system?

Businesses always find themselves in challenging situations where they witness customers frequently raising customer service tickets requesting assistance on how to track their orders or to receive other delivery-related updates. This can be caused due to various reasons. Two of the few popular reasons are – businesses having a production process with long turn-around times and the second one being the lack of an efficient CRM or customer relationship management system. Businesses should invest time and energy towards building an order tracking system when they have – 

Prolonged manufacturing times 

Manufacturing processes that tend to take months or several weeks are likely to make customers feel impatient and angry. Long manufacturing times caused due to supply chain issues can cause a lot of challenges. Having an order tracking system in place helps businesses keep their customers in the loop regarding their products. This also brings about a significant decrease in the number of irate and impatient customers.

Recurrent update requests from customers 

Regarding order tracking systems, customers are desperate to know where and how their products are being delivered. With longer manufacturing processes, customers tend to become increasingly impatient leading to recurrent update requests from customers. This can also lead to an influx of customer service tickets related to delivery update requests. The influx of such tickets not only leads to unnecessary stress and burden on your help desk teams but also increases your help desk operation tasks.

Important Ecommerce order management stats you should know –

  • Around 6. 38% of online shoppers abandon a purchase because a package may take longer than a week to arrive. (source – eConsultancy)
  • Customers tend to keep an eye on the order delivery page an average of 3.5 times per order. (source – Tracktor)
  • About 68% of customers prefer to have their packages shipped to their house. (source – Statista)
  • 94% of shoppers have taken action to qualify for free shipping. (source – UPS)
  • 80% of consumers prefer same-day shipping. (source – Invesp)
  • About 40% of buyers consider the post-purchase experience to be the most memorable part of the brand experience. (source – Convey)
  •  73.6% of shoppers say that delivery is the most important to the overall shopping experience. (source – Convey)
  • 75% of shoppers state that clear communication is key to a good delivery experience. (source – Convey)
  • 63% of customers expect a standard delivery to arrive within three days of ordering. (source – Retail TouchPoints)
  • Around 94% of consumers blame retailers for poor delivery. (source – Dropoff)

Benefits of implementing an order tracking system

Keeps customers updated 

Keeping customers updated on the product delivery process is extremely important. Not doing so might not only create an impression of ghosting but can also bring down customer satisfaction levels. Order tracking systems enable customers to keep an eye on where exactly the product is, if or not it is being shipped on time, and by when they should be expecting the delivery. 

Helps businesses keep a track 

Another major benefit order management software or order tracking systems provide businesses is they help them keep a track of internal operations. Businesses can easily track the number of orders being placed, if the operations teams are doing their job on time, if there any delay is being caused due to 2 factors like weather, etc.

Makes the tracking process smooth 

Having a centralized system that behaves like a one-stop solution to all delivery-related information or problems can make things smooth for businesses as well as customers. In addition to making the tracking process smooth, it also helps businesses keep a check on inventory-related information. 

May increase CSAT scores 

Aware customers = happy customers! When customers are in possession of A to Z details about the whereabouts of their products it keeps them satisfied and happy. 

Optimize multiple shipments 

With an increase in orders, every passing day making time-sensitive deliveries can be challenging. Being able to accurately track deliveries can help businesses optimize multiple shipments and help logistical teams increase productivity and efficiency. 


According to a report by Tracktor, customers tend to keep an eye on the order tracking system page an average of 3.5 times per order. Processing order tracking processes can be extremely important and beneficial at the same time. Thanks to well-built customer relations management (CRM) tools, order tracking has now become efficient and easily more than ever. To know more about order management systems click here to book a demo.


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