Hubungi Pusat Software

Hubungi Pusat Software

Tinjauan jangkaan pelanggan baru-baru ini mendapati bahawa hampir 68% of customers are willing to spend more if they like a company’s khidmat Pelanggan.

Customer service that pulls the buyers further into your business is one that has three traits in common;

1. A quick response time to tickets generated.
2. A self-service portal to allow customers to find their own answers through FAQ’S.
3. A SLA period within which a ticket must be closed.

These traits now have been unified into one Call Center Management software.

This software unifies the processes of tracking, managing and prioritizing tickets.

4 of the Most Essential Inbound Call Center Management Features That a Large Enterprise Needs

1. Omnichannel Ticket Inbox

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An inbox that collects queries from phone calls, chats, social posts and emails in a single.

Agents can use this one inbox to respond to queries from multiple channels within the Inbound Call Center Software.

2. Ticket Analysis

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A graphical report on two KPI’S, namely – Source wise ticket analysis and status wise ticket analysis. The two reports help in productivity through CRM call tracking that shows the support head, the status of a ticket along with its primary source.

Imagine finding out what each and every of your support teams performance was. ini Multichannel helpdesk dashboard fills this gap by displaying a pie chart of ticket assignments, those closed as well a source wise graph of ticket sources.

3. Knowledge Base

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A repository of FAQ’S, articles and workflows, created a source of referrals while resolving cases with similar histories.

New agents can be trained faster. Ticket wait times will fall; customers get exact steps on how the company can solve their problem.

4. SLA Timer

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A preset time period that starts ticking the minute a ticket is open. The timer once breached will reroute the ticket to higher management.

SLA Timers set for each department can improve first call resolution, average call handle times through an accountability mindset of time running out.

The investment in an inbound call center software system is minimal thanks to companies offering a cloud-based flexible payment solution.

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