A Guide to Deal with Different Types of Customers you Encounter Daily

types of customersDon’t you wish you knew the frame of mind of your customers? What goes through their mind when they make a purchase? How do they decide what’s best for them? Well, these are million dollar questions, if not billion! Let’s get you accustomed to the types of customers your business is going to encounter on a day to day basis.

The Maybe Customer

This is the customer who is deciding whether to give you their time or not. They’re getting to know you, see how you work if you have the potential to handle their needs. They are on the sidelines observing you. You need to warm up to them, make them believe that you’re the best  option to pick from. A maybe customer is a potential client, and you need to do everything in your power to make them loyal clients.

The Newbie

This is a customer who has just entered the market and is not very sure how to go about it. They have very little idea of what they want and what they need. This is a type of customer you’ll have to guide and convert eventually. You’ll have to help them to make up their mind and introduce them to the various aspects of not only the company but also the market.

The Impulsive Buyer

This is the customer who will make an instant decision on buying something if they feel that it this is exactly the kind of service that they need. They will instantly buy the product if you sell your product properly. Give them all the information and make sure it’s all easy so don’t they don’t have to think much. Understand what they need, feed into their needs by pitching the product properly and voila! You just closed a deal!

The Discount Seeker

This is the kind of customer who would be impressed with your service but will not avail it unless and until there is a discount or an offer to avail. To drag in this discount seeker, make sure you offer your services with a discount or with some special offer. There is a possibility that as soon as your discount gets over, your relationship with this customer reaches an impasse. So to keep the customers engaged, make sure you keep them roped in with some of the other offers.

The Loyal One

This is the type of customer who is going to be loyal to you and keep doing business with you. They are satisfied with the service that you have provided to them and want you to keep doing the same over a longer period. This customer should be valued and pampered overtime to make sure they keep doing business with you.

Next time someone walks in through that door, make sure to have a copy of this Customer Guide by your side.  This will definitely help you out!

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  1. Having a better understanding of customers is the key to success for any business. Segmenting customers based on demographics, choices, purchasing history etc. is very helpful in doing so. Customer profiling is a great way to know customers.
    Thank you for sharing the article.

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