How To Boost Customer Satisfaction With Help Desk Software

Want Great Customer Satisfaction Rates with Help Desk Software? Let us guide you further into what gets you there with formulas and facts.  

A popular quote by Michael LeBoeuf, a business author “Every company’s greatest assets are its customers because without customers there is no company” perfectly describes the authority a customer holds over companies. So, satisfied customers hold the keys to skyrocketing your sales and reputation.  

Also, to keep you on the customer radar and a chance to rope in those five stars, we have enlisted a few tactics and ways to increase customer satisfaction using Help desk software.

1. Boost Your Customer service 

There is no doubt that the ultimate goal of any company is to offer an enhanced customer experience using help desk software that eventually leads to high customer satisfaction. 

To get there, the foundation is to streamline the customer service and the directives for it from a software point of view as we will see below.  

  • A pre-set tone of voice for emails and texts.

How happy will you be if your complaint or an issue is resolved within minutes by customer support? Faster response to the customer is highly appreciated and the texts that are auto-generated are like a blessing for agents.  

So, a customer support software or a help-desk software with AI integration will help with the emails and text replies.

  • Customer Satisfaction Through Ticket Management System

A Ticketing software with clear titles such as Ticket ID, customer’s name and the agent assigned, customer issue, replies, responses, and status of the ticket is very necessary.

In one read, the agent gets all the details in one window organized according to the status as the new issues come in.

  • Effective Training

Training your support staff to use the software and handle different situations is paramount as the implementation of new technology will be of least value if there is a lack of knowledge.  

Responses to be triggered according to the tone, mood, and status of the complaint is very important as they might attract a negative review if it’s not handled properly.

  • A Self-Service Portal Set-Up

According to the facts, about 40% of the consumers prefer self-service rather than human contact. 

The same survey also says that nearly 70% of the consumers expect a company’s website to have a self-service portal.

So, as the stats clearly mention, setting up a self-service portal is vital for businesses to be proactive.

  • A feedback system

As known to all, for a brand to excel and stand on its feet confidently, a feedback system is by far the best one. 

Considering the feedback of the customers and improving the products on their suggestions and necessities will make a brand the star of the people.

Also, the popularity of social media channels and online community forums have put immense pressure on brands to offer the best of services.


2. Improve Customer Satisfaction With a Help- Desk Software

A help desk should be a know-it-all place where customer priority and resolution of queries should take precedence.

To ease the process, bringing in a customer support platform with features like ticket management, self-serve and knowledge management will fasten processes demanding less time of the customer.

At Kapture, our customer service tool does all of it in one window or a centralized dashboard and with a lot more assistance from AI and ML.

With that, a successful service desk that both the customers and agents will be satisfied with will also be beneficial. Here in the steps below we tell you what makes an efficient one and will eventually improve Help Desk Customer Satisfaction. 

  • Quicker Responses

No matter which channel the customers post a query or an issue, the customer support agent should be quick to respond.

A help- desk software that does not populate random requests but instead presents it in an easy way to respond is recommended.

  • 100% Complaint Resolvement

A Hubspot research suggests that 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies that offer excellent customer service.

So, a help-desk software that offers a complete information about a customer is one of the prerequisites for a quick turnaround time.

  • Clear KPIs and SLAs

Adhering to clear KPIs such as average resolution and response time, occupancy rates, and customer satisfaction rate leads to offering good customer support.

With this, an SLA that simplifies the process can bring out the best from help-desk software.

  • An Approachable Customer Support Desk

With a chatbot or an automated email response, the need for a trusted customer support system that is always active is highly appreciated.

The companies that offer phenomenal customer support online have 24/7 help-desks in place and respond within seconds. This builds a solid support system in the customer for it to be the go-to brand.

  • A Detailed Progress Bar

A help-desk software with the statistics and analytics of your brand is like a progress chart with all your customer data. 

An in-depth analysis of your customer demographics, preferred times, products, and many more are all listed making the help desk software the best option.


3. Get the CSAT and NPS Scores Right 

Firstly, as we all know CSAT is the measurement of customer satisfaction with a product or service and NPS (net promoter score) evaluates the customer loyalty to a brand.

So, what are considered the best CSAT and NPS scores across all industries?

  • About 25% is said to be a good CSAT response rate and the below stats from SmartKarrot mention what are the standards in different industries. 


Source: Nicereply

  • As far as the NPS is concerned, nearly 70% is the best in the NPS benchmark levels and the average standard is 17%.  The Stats below has all the standard evaluations for various industries.


Source: Retently

So, with both the scales leaning on customers for their best scores, you can calculate your scores with these formulas when evaluated:

CSAT: Total response scores given / Total possible response scores x 100

NPS: % of promoters – % of detractors.

(Promoters are customers rating your product on a scale of 1 – 10 and giving you a 9 or a 10 for your satisfying services. But, detractors are the ones scoring your brand between 0 to 6 offering the least recommendation for your products or services)


4. Benefits of a help desk Software

A help desk software organizes all of what is required for customer support and reduces the stress for agents handling a lot of queries.

Hubspot’s stats on help desk software says that 86% of service teams note that having a help desk system increases their productivity.

The list below talks about what more a help-desk software can do for businesses compiled based on a blog from support CC:

  • Handle all the Customer Queries Easily

All the customer problems no matter what channel they use are populated in one window with the incoming channel icon.

With a powerful ticketing system in place, the customer support executive need not switch windows to address the complaints or requests anymore with help desk software.

  • Automated responses and tailored solutions for Businesses

A help – desk software can serve customer complaints at any time with an auto-generated response for most customer support scenarios.

Factors such as First level resolution rate, agent satisfaction, and lower customer handling times make the software the best option.

Also, the software can be customized for a range of businesses that already have dedicated customer support.

  • Knowledge Bank

All the FAQs, requests, and other useful information for customers needed to be directed to their solutions can be fed into a help-desk software.

This reduces the need for a customer support executive to be present for every query or information thus making calls only to be taken when necessary.

  • Analytics and reports

All the reports with the additional information such as assigned agent, time, request or problem, and many more are quickly viewable.

The analytics data that is the most crucial part for accessing the progress over time are segregated according to important KPIs.

  • Cloud storage and Remotely Accessible

Complete data that is viewed, stored, and processed on a help-desk software is stored online and there is no need for any internal storage.

On the other hand, the best part is that this information is available for the viewer anywhere allowing them to keep track of the progress in real-time.


5. An Easy Solution for Customer Satisfaction

Kapture has all that a business needs to offer a successful customer satisfaction rate. It is an enterprise-grade SaaS-based Customer Support Automation platform that eases processes for industries.  

Innovative features like Agent Assistant Window and an Omni-channel data access window make Kapture, a preferred tool by all industries for improved customer support progress.


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