How CRM automation can benefit your business

How can CRM automation benefit your business?

(The why, when & what of an automated CRM system)

What is CRM Automation?

The ability to automate repetitive but necessary manual inputs in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is known as CRM automation.

How CRM automation can benefit your business

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An automated CRM system can pay huge dividends. 

As the name suggests, your company will be able to free up resources and time by not having to do routine tasks manually. It can streamline your business processes leading to improved productivity and better customer service which translates to a happy customer experience.

And, who wouldn’t be pleased with that?

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The benefits of an automated CRM for your business

Automated CRM tools make it easier to manage essential business interactions and relationships. Automation can free up time and resources to focus on more strategic work.

Let’s dive into some benefits of an automated CRM system.

How CRM automation can benefit your business

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  • Automated data entry

Salespeople spend 17% of their time entering data. Integrating data entry automation into your CRM system will be an enormous benefit to your resources and time. Your sales team can now better utilize their time and focus on increasing flows and conversions.

  • Automated customer interaction logging

Automatically logging all customer interactions such as phone calls, emails, and chats will make it easy for your sales or service agents. They will always have the most updated information about the customer whenever they engage with them.

  • Automated personalized email sequences

Set up personalized email sequences through your CRM data for that personal touch. An automated CRM system lets you create these emails without having to manually recreate content.

  • Automated customer service

Automatically log service-related customer inquiries into your CRM system to generate greater visibility for referencing-related issues. 

Accessibility to customer data like location, demographics, etc. will help the sales team to communicate on a more personal level with the customer thus improving customer experience.

Automated customer service provides:

    • AI-powered intelligent chatbots
    • Customer self-service (FAQ page)
    • Automated responses (resetting passwords, etc.)
    • Case routing for new tickets created
  • Creates synergy between sales & marketing

Integrating the automated CRM systems of the sales and marketing teams will ensure better understanding between them. Issues among the departments like ownership and data updates can easily be resolved because of the automated process. 

Continuity in customer interactions between different team members will be a breeze because of the ease of access to centralized data.

  • Provides valuable insights during decision making

AI and automated CRM software are becoming more powerful and intelligent with each passing day. With these intelligent AI-powered sales forecasts and insights, your salespeople can make well-informed and complicated decisions on leads and opportunities.


When do you need an automated CRM system?

Still unsure if you need to automate your CRM system?

How CRM automation can benefit your business

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Ask yourself this; ‘Are my spreadsheets and phone books not keeping up with my company’s growth anymore?’

If the answer is ‘YES’ then this is when you should start thinking about CRM automation

The need for an automated CRM system kicks in when:

  • You need your sales & marketing and customer service teams to be closing leads, creating campaigns, and improving customer experience instead of tediously entering data.
  • You need a system to manage your leads. An automated lead management platform will keep your sales team updated with live customer data which will help them focus more on closing deals. 
  • You need to streamline the handover process from marketing to sales. 
  • When you need to gather data from various touchpoints like social media, SMS, direct marketing, etc. to create a customer profile for improving sales and service.
  • You need to help your customers in a specific and personalized way in real-time.


What can an automated CRM system do?

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Freeing up man-hours to focus more on strategy, sales and services are the key features of an automated CRM system.

Enlisted below are actions that a fully integrated automated CRM system can pursue:

  • Manage drip email campaigns based on customizable triggers and criteria.
  • Quickly generate reports and share them with relevant members.
  • Track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in customizable dashboards.
  • Setup notifications and alerts for any kind of perceived situation.
  • Setup welcome emails when a customer fulfills a preset system action.
  • Set criteria and rules for assigning lead assignments.
  • Automatically generate tasks for sales agents based on their customer interactions.
  • Re-engage with customers before they abandon their shopping carts by setting up reminder emails or notification popups.
  • Multi-stage sales pipelines can be automated when a deal is transitioning from one stage to another.
  • If you use more than one system you can configure them to sync data between the various systems. This will cancel out duplicate or lost entries.


So, do you need CRM automation?

It’s most likely you do require one, but the type of CRM automation required will depend on your particular business and the persisting customer interactions.

Automated CRM systems cover marketing, sales, and customer services either through integrated tools or an all-in-one package automated CRM system.

Well, Kapture can help you with your CRM automation needs through deep integration(s) and others. In fact, you also have the liberty to personalize the CRM solution as per requirement. 

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