Here’s How a Ticketing System Can Save Costs and Your Customers

Here’s How a Ticketing System Can Save Costs and Your Customers

A ticketing system is a tool that enables the collection, management, processing, and tracking of customer service/issue requests, also known as tickets. The best ticketing systems are easier to integrate and use, both for customers and your customer support management team.

Agents are able to process and resolve tickets quicker with a process in place. Managers can use the ticketing system to route tickets to the right person or department. 

A good ticketing system software can help you to manage all customer support interactions with one ticketing system.


Is a ticketing system different from CRM?

Having understood what a ticketing system is, let’s explore how a CRM system differs from it.

A CRM system is designed to host various features that enhance relationship management with current customers. The CRM system locks in customer information in one place. Whereas a ticketing system, help desk and other departments are features that contribute to better customer service. A ticketing system works best at helping agents resolve customer issues seamlessly.

Now how does this ticketing system work?


Breaking down how a ticketing system works

First, a service ticket is created by the agent. The ticket captures the customer’s issue in detail. With an automated ticketing system like Kapture, agents can label tickets for better understanding and categorizing based on priority. 

Once the ticket is created, the agent and customer have access to it. The agent will work on the issue on the back end and post updates if the customer needs to be notified. When the issue is resolved, the ticket can be closed if mutually agreed upon by the customer and agent.

In the future, if the same customer returns with an issue, the agent need not create a new ticket. With Kapture’s ticketing system, all the data and customer history are stored. All the agent would need to do is pull it up!

The benefit of this system is that customers do not have to share their information repeatedly. When agents pull up history easily, customers will feel important and valued.


The impact of a ticketing system on your business

Cut time and cost in half

With a ticketing system in place, the need for manual data entry is eliminated. This saves agents a lot of time. Using a Saas-based system means that all your data is stored in the cloud. The cost of buying storage space on drives and external disks is minimized too.

Communication made easier

Imagine handling numerous inboxes for every communication channel. Wouldn’t this affect agent productivity and ticket resolution time?

A ticket management system helps agents to link omnichannel communications to one thread. Agents can initiate sophisticated interactions with customers, ensuring a delightful experience.

Simpler ticket tracking and resolution

Completing tasks is on the list of priorities, but how do you track and manage tickets that require immediate attention?

With a ticketing system installed, agents can complete tasks and ticket resolution by labelling the tasks based on priority. If a customer returns to an agent to re-open a ticket or create a new one, the agent has access to the customer’s history of tickets via a ticketing system. It is easier to manage and track tickets.

Access to a knowledge base

Self-learning has great benefits for an individual. Your agents can upskill from their desk by having access to a knowledge base that details how to handle situations and respond to customer queries.

Agents can access a knowledge base for information and updates when they encounter unfamiliar territory while speaking with a customer. Kapture has an informative forum for discussion of new changes, product knowledge and customer queries. Employees can share detailed processes on understanding processes better.

Improved team collaboration

With numerous collaboration features available in your chosen ticketing system software, the customer support team can collaborate easily and increase productivity. Agents can transfer, share vital information and escalate tickets to senior management for quicker resolutions.


How to stay on top of ticket management efficiently?

With Kapture, you can customize the ticketing system to suit your business flow. Using an automated, Sass-based ticketing system is a seamless way to resolve tickets, track escalations and ensure the best customer experience is provided to your customers.

Kapture has 500+ ready-to-use APIs that ensure your business is up and running in no time, bringing down the operational cost by up to 30%. Its unified dashboard brings all tickets to one platform, segregates them as per priority, and auto-assigns them to the right department.

The Kapture Ticketing System helps organizations to integrate mechanisms that enable quicker ticket resolution, easier ticket management, and enhanced customer experience.

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