Customer service employee evaluation

5 customer service skills that make a great customer service employee

Customer service employee evaluation

There is a popular theory that each individual is born with a definite set of attributes that would make him or her successful in a particular career.

In most careers, these attributes are really obvious. For being a designer, you should have high visual intelligence. If you are a programmer, you should have high-level dexterity in that particular programming language. An archaeologist should carry a great love for ancient history, while the race car driver should be gifted with sophisticated eye-hand coordination.

But unlike these professions, you can’t really point-out the inborn attributes that go into making great customer service personnel. Usually, it takes years of personal trial and error to create service personnel.

But there are certain definite attributes that you should carry to be good at customer service. In this blog, I’ll try to explain these attributes and what makes them so important.

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Empathy and enthusiasm in daily interactions

According to Oxford dictionary, empathy refers to the ability to understand and share feelings of other people.

There are eons of difference between genuine empathy and passive expression of the emotion. Anyone could possibly show empathy on demand. But this would be like showing empathy in a laboratory condition. This precept could easily fall off during the busy work day, where one would be exposed to multiple customer types.

You may come across diverse attitudes – customers would refuse to pay attention, fail to understand simple instructions, use bad language etc.

Customer service employee selection

In these situations, being empathetic could turn out to be a serious challenge. You can include incentives to improve customer involvement in your customer service efforts.

Anyways, you can dramatically improve your solving customer score by empathy and enthusiasm.

Adept in changing language and technology trends

You should understand that the face of your customers is continually changing with passing time. At present, most of the customer interactions happen with millennial who are born from the early 80s to the late 90s or the I-generation that came in during the very late 20th to the early 21st centuries.

This also brings a radical shift in the customers preferred mode and method of communications. The current customers have a tendency to infuse different language trends such as Emoticons, emoji, and other signs into normal conversations. Customer service interactions are a part of this paradigm.

Customer service evaluationA good customer service professional should be knowledgeable and communicable in different social dialects. This helps you instantly resonate with your audience.

A good service executive should be able to handle changing technology trends. For example, chat boxes are becoming more popular than emails. And the dynamics of chat boxes are geared towards making more live decisions. Good service personnel can quickly adapt to the situation by being easily communicable.

Ability to be independent of scripted responses

If you go through the average review websites, it’s hard to miss out on the brimming anger over the canned and scripted response.

As it is, a scripted response isn’t geared to resolve a particular customer problem. The scripted response is created to manage customers with minimal knowledge and mental effort.

At the same time, there could be multiple queries that don’t require the direct involvement of your service team. In some options, a self-help option could be a much more viable option. This includes password issues, shipping changes, generic questions that could be included in the Q&A format.

Being serious about building relationships

In my opinion, customer service should be renamed ‘customer relationship building’. You can build long-lasting customer relationships by providing timely and practical advice. This could also help you drive more positive mentions in social media, the chief ingredient in building great brands.

By focussing on your customer relationships, you can also create a reliable feedback loop for managing customer issues. This helps you collect actionable insights and improve your customer service to reflect the more critical problems.

Customer service team building

On the other side, people, particularly take offense at bad behavior coming from a service professional. A similarly same sense of in hospitality is evoked through having long wait times, unnecessary call routing etc. All these could result in an influx of toxic reviews about your business in different customer forums and business websites.

Being genuinely Likable

Have you ever happened to talk to someone when you were fuming and subsequently you couldn’t help yourself but chill-out?

Also, being likable isn’t just about providing amiable responses. A good service rep should be able to guide the customer query into an actual solution.

A customer service executive should also imbibe the same characteristics. A significant portion of your incoming queries may not have the best tone of voice. A good service executive should be able to look beyond the top layer of unfriendliness to try and resolve the actual customer problems.

If it’s a phone call, the service rep should ask the right questions and extract the insights. During an in-person meeting, the service executive should take the initiative to resolve issues with minimal effort.


A customer service professional’s normal workday involves facing challenges with great diversity and intensity. In some cases, this could be rather too for even an educated professional.

A customer service suite helps business to streamline and manage challenges in the most productive way.

Kapture CRM service software helps customer services to streamline their daily operations and manage those challenges.


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