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Evaluation & Types of Customer Relationship Management Software(CRM)

Evaluation Of CRM


In the modern world, the need for CRM software is felt by all companies. From small businesses to established organizations, CRM plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth functioning of any business and helps keep it updated.

Customers are the core of every business and therefore keeping them satisfied and happy with the services that you provide is the need of the hour. Managing a better relationship with your customers will always boost your business as well as increases the chances of creating more loyal customers.

By investing in a CRM software service, you are also investing in building a strong and sustainable relationship with your customers. However, before choosing to invest in Customer Relationship Management software, it is recommended that you first understand the different types of CRM and their uses, keeping your business requirements in mind.

Before looking at the types of CRM, let us take a glance at the general evaluation of CRM.

The main objective of CRM is to maintain good relationships with your customers since that’s where your business comes from. Also, understanding the fact that not everything in CRM is for managing customer relations is equally important. CRM has a broader aspect to it, as it signifies the relationship between the customer and the seller forms the link between these parties.

Evaluation & Types Of CRM Software

It is a known fact that no two customers are the same, so why treat them in the same way? CRM marketing software helps you understand and analyze each customer and their needs differently. Treating your different customers differently also helps you to focus on one-to-one marketing strategies.

Other than customer relations, sales and marketing CRM can also be used to configure the workflow. Along with being customer-oriented, you can now also automate your business processes. Right from tracking the overall business performance to tracking individual performances, mobile CRM software gives you complete access to your business on the go. Whether it is monitoring your sales team’s performance, tracking their location or planning their day on the field, you can perform all these tasks instantly, right from your mobile device.

Managing your business leads through marketing management CRM software also becomes easy. You can effectively track your leads coming in through several different channels and third-party portals that you’ve invested in. This maximizes the productivity of your business and also helps you cut down on unnecessary expenses.

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Types of CRM Software

    • Analytical CRM
    • Operational CRM
    • Collaborative CRM

1. Analytical CRM

evaluation of customer relationship management

As the name suggests, Analytical CRM helps you to analyze your entire business and its processes efficiently. Whether it is interpreting, extracting, processing, storing or reporting customer data, this type of CRM software helps you to analyze your business whenever needed.

2. Operational CRM

type of customer relationship management

Any typical business functions that you perform come under this type of CRM. All operational activities right from managing orders, creating invoice/bills, sales & marketing to customer services, operational CRM helps you to perform all these tasks more efficiently.

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3. Collaborative CRM

If you are facing problems in communicating, coordinating and collaborating deals between vendors and customers, this is when you must invest in collaborative CRM to manage your business activities.

Choosing the right type of CRM for your business based on your needs need not be a tough task. All you need is a basic understanding of the software and the right vendor to obtain it.



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