Difference between Service desk VS help desk

Service Desks vs Help Desks: What Are They and Why Are They Important?

What is a service desk? 

According to ITIL’s definition, a service desk is a single point of contact between the service provider and the users. 

Service desks typically handle incidents and service requests, along with handling communication with the users. In simple words, a service desk is a communications hub where employees or other stakeholders are offered help from their IT service providers. Here employees or other users may seek assistance and help for incident resolution or service request fulfillment. 

Regardless of the nature of the request, the service desk providers tend to deliver high-quality service or assistance to their users (employees, etc.) in an efficient and timely fashion. Service desks also cater to other requests from the users like knowledge management, self-service, etc.

What is a help desk? 

A help desk can be defined as a group of persons who provide assistance and help related to electronic or computer problems. The primary goal of a help desk service is to fix IT-centric issues. Assistance provided by help desks is often limited to a single IT service management task like incident management. Help desk teams need not worry about the time cap or strict deadlines as they are not dealing with end-users like customers. 

They help in increasing the efficiency of IT teams or the operations that the IT teams are responsible for. Help desk teams tend to provide help for fast solutions. 

Difference between a help desk and a service desk 

Service Desk  Help desk 
The service desk was an extension of the help desk invention and helps businesses manage customer service operations.  The help desk helps businesses in managing IT teams or operations as a service 
A service desk helps by assisting in requests for information, break-fix, service requests, etc. A help desk aids in fixing issues related to break-fix.
Service desks are customer-centric in nature.  Help desks on the other hand are IT-centric in nature. 
Service desk operations on the other hand tend to have a time cap as here end users are customers.  Help desks lack deadlines and time-caps. 

What is service desk software? 

As a business grows and makes progress leading to expansion of the brand, focusing on strengthening internal support operations becomes extremely necessary. Good growth will mean that your organization’s teams, be it IT or service desk will need to be equipped with better tools to catch up with the growth. 

Equipping teams with the most efficient technology becomes not only helpful but also necessary due to the increased workload. One of the best solutions for this is to provide your teams with all the tools and efficient technology like a service desk software that will help them better cope with the growth or expansion. A service desk software helps customer service teams by automating and organizing ticket management processes in a smooth and hassle-free manner. 

The importance of service desk and help desk tools 

  • Facilitates collection of tickets from anywhere and at any time providing flexibility. Your teams can collect tickets from various sources like websites, mobile phones, emails, etc. 
  • Facilitates effective and smooth communication. With automated messages, emails and other scripted updates and responses these tools make sure that there is effective communication of information. 
  • Helps businesses improve workflows. Since prioritizing and handling tickets,  escalating ticket requests, SLA tracking, and ticket routing are effectively automated, it leads to better workflows in the workplace.
  • As a result of the automation, agent productivity has increased significantly.
  • Helps agents build a shared knowledge management system with their experiences.

3 things to keep in mind when looking for a service help desk 

  • Price cap/Budget – Finding a service help desk plan that fits your budget is extremely essential. Though there are various cheap service help desks in the market it is important that you take into account the budget that goes into the number of hours required to set it up and adapt its features accordingly. 
  • Multichannel facilitation -Make sure you take into account the number of channels used by your customers in order to get in touch with you. Choosing a system like Kapture which has omnichannel helps businesses integrate multiple customer communication channels all on a single screen. Service help desk systems like Kapture improve agents’ efficiency and reduce agent fatigue as agents can easily communicate on a single screen.
  • Self-service portals -Most of the times customers have similar product-related tickets that can be easily addressed through a self-service portal. Having service help desk software like Kapture makes it easy as it allows customers to handle their queries on their own without any help from agents.

7  signs your business needs a service help system like Kapture –

  1. Low customer retention due to bad customer experience
  2. Decreased CSAT scores or customer satisfaction levels
  3. Agents get tired due to increased workload
  4. Lack of efficient lead tracking 
  5. Decreased agent productivity due to the repeated nature of tickets 
  6. Lack of centralization of customer-related information 
  7. Reduced employee satisfaction due to the increased workload

Handling a growing business without the right technology can be very challenging. Using efficient customer relationship management systems like Kapture can help businesses gain a competitive edge over their competitors. In addition to this CRMs also help businesses increase agent productivity, agent efficiency and at the same time improve customer satisfaction levels. 

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