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Understanding automation in business process with Kapture ERP

CRM tool for real estate



It is not unknown that real estate agents are always on their toes and that time is of paramount importance for them.  It is extremely crucial for them to be able to keep track of the leads from all sources and then convert them into sales. In the end what matters is how many deals they finalized.

In such a situation, a CRM/ERP tool can be of utmost help. It’s time the real estate agents ditch the generic excel sheets and other such manual databases. Not only are those methods getting redundant but also inefficient for this situation. In a situation like this when all the real estate agencies are competing against each other, time is, indeed, a key deciding factor and smart tools can change the whole game and make use of CRM tool for real estate.
Automation enables you understand and track the process in a structured manner. These are the following areas where a CRM/ERP tool like Kapture, Salesforce, etc can give you an added advantage. If you need a more convincing argument, read along to find reasons to switch to a CRM/ERP tool.


What’s the use of a CRM/ERP tool if you can’t have it with you when you need it! This is one of the key areas where Kapture lies ahead of its other CRM/ERP counterparts. To make the whole task easier, Kapture is made available on mobile platforms. All you need is a smartphone! You can just install it in the phones of your team members and let Kapture perform its magic.


Your Sales Team needs to manage every stage of the sales cycle. Your Project Management Team needs to carefully track every phase of a project and you need to have a completely updated dashboard about the progress made by each team. In addition to that, you need to keep a tab on your vendors, brokers and other middle-level managements. In tools like Kapture, you can automate that tracking and get updated reports on every phase of the cycle.

Lead Tracking:

Like every other smart real estate agent, you also must have befriended endless platforms to generate leads. However, once the leads start coming, you need to be prepared to track all the leads. Unless all the leads are put together into a single comprehensive database, the entire lead generation process becomes futile.  With an effective CRM/ERP tool like Kapture, it lets you not only collaborate all the leads together but also automate the whole lead conversion process. As a result, the entire process is hastened with the least possibility of errors.

Lead Conversion:

A CRM/ERP tool can help with relationship management of the existing clients. It can keep a comprehensive database of the past clients as well as the prospective clients and with its automated communication systems it helps you to win deals. It can be a boon for a real estate company, provided an efficient CRM/ERP tool like Kapture is used.


The need to stay connected with the customers cannot be stressed enough. In a competitive field like Real Estate, it is extremely crucial to stay right on top of the customer’s mind. You need to stay in touch with them with not the general cold e-mails but with personalized text messages and phone calls as well.  And how do you determine that priority? The Kapture database helps to automate that entire process, thereby simplifying the task beyond expectation.

Efficient record-keeping:

Another prime selling point of Kapture is its flawless record-keeping system. Real estate demands comprehensive records of all the vital information without which the entire mechanism fails. Kapture has an infallible means of compiling all the vital information into a simplified yet informative manner.


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