connect better with your customers through Kapture-WhatsApp integration

Connect better with your Customers through Kapture-WhatsApp integration

With over 1.3 billion active users, WhatsApp has transformed global communication over the past few years. In addition to interacting with friends and family, users are also increasingly choosing WhatsApp to reach out to businesses and have their issues and queries clarified. Customers are expecting businesses to communicate with them on channels that they regularly use and prefer. They expect instant responses and faster ticket resolutions with minimum wait time.

So as a scaling organization, how can you meet your customers’ expectations and leverage the current technology to serve them better? Let’s find out.


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Businesses have greatly benefited from the omnichannel experience facilitated by CRM solutions. Support agents can interact with customers across multiple channels including chat, email, Facebook. It’s crucial for support teams to use a multi-channel support platform so they can easily add emerging channels like WhatsApp to their channel list, enabling them to stay relevant in a fast-changing industry and meet customers’ expectations without compromising on data security.

Kapture CRM is excited to announce the launch of our integration with WhatsApp. Businesses using Kapture can provide quick, proactive support using WhatsApp. Support agents can access all the incoming messages in one centralized location on the Kapture dashboard. Thanks to the integration, you can now connect with your leads and customers based out of 180+ countries without any hassle.

So how does this work?

You can unify all incoming WhatsApp conversations on one dashboard, which is easy to access and use.


Key features of the integration that your business can benefit from:


  • Engage with customers easily: Your support agents can respond to incoming WhatsApp messages from their CRM platform and clarify queries without having to switch screens or applications.
  • Ticket generation: Every time a customer reaches out with an issue or a query on WhatsApp, a ticket is automatically created. These tickets are organized and can be viewed and accessed under the “WhatsApp” section in ticket sources.
  • Instant, real-time conversations: Manage conversations on WhatsApp and reduce customer waiting time by taking advantage of pre-formatted auto-replies that are quick and personalized.
  • Images and other attachments: Support agents can receive and attach files, images, contacts, and locations in WhatsApp conversations with customers.
  • Access customer details: Empower your agents to serve your customers better by providing them with access to all the customer data that’s required. For instance, an agent speaking to a customer on WhatsApp through Kapture CRM can view the past tickets, communication history, contact information on the same dashboard.
  • WhatsApp message alerts: You can configure your CRM solution to have a dedicated WhatsApp notification panel that alerts support agents every time a customer reaches out with a WhatsApp text message.
  • Ticket disposition: After resolving a customer issue, agents can close WhatsApp tickets then and there.


This is just a peek into our latest WhatsApp integration! Interested to know more? Get in touch with the experts at Kapture CRM and find out how our could-based CRM solution can transform your sales and support processes!


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