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TRAVEL. This 6 letter word gives goosebumps to every wander luster and travel enthusiast. Some travel to seek knowledge while some seek peace. No matter what motivates you to travel, hotels are an indispensable part of travel.

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This statistic echoes the global hotel industry retail value from 2010 – 2018 with forecaster figures for the year 2018. The retail value of the global hotel industry was 554.64 billion U.S. dollars in 2016.

This throws light on the wide scope of business the industry generates. Based on the different stages of consumers’ interactions, thousands of emails from the travel and leisure (Hotel) industry are sent on a daily basis to subscribers worldwide – playing a pivotal role in maximizing the business’s ROI.

In order to lure your existing consumers and welcome the new ones, it’s quintessential to pay heed to your consumers’ needs, have an excellent email marketing software and give them your awesome service to hold on to. This is why we have cherry-picked the most ‘inspiring’ emails.

Welcome & Pre-Arrival Emails

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These set of emails are sent when a consumer makes a booking in your hotel. A majority of welcome emails feature a short Thank You copy along with a receipt of the booked room.

A recent study conducted by O’Rourke Hospitality found that pre-arrival emails are the most popular ones.

Newsletters and offers, on the other hand, were the least popular on analyzing 50,000 Hotel email campaigns across 250,000,00 recipients.

Our Take: Hotel Indigo’s pre-stay email features accurate details of the duration of stay. The sidebar on the right provides the option for modifications or cancellations along with options to check membership and reward preferences, a brilliant way to serve your consumers.

In addition to that, the footer features local information and attractions in a block and discount for next the bookings. One single email contains the entire information. The ease of accessibility.

Cross-Selling Emails

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This email by the Green bank Hotel, suggests reserving a table at their restaurant and pre-ordering their lobster dinner treat. The overall color scheme & design speaks about the brand. The footer features a seasonal guide on what to do while in Falmouth. To enhance customer experience, a map has been added with complete directions.

Our Take: Once the customer checks in; send a guide to local attractions or places to visit in the form of Recommendation Emails. A few hotel emails also feature various services provided by them to make the customers’ stay more comfortable & memorable.

Feedback Emails

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This customer feedback email by The Inn at Union Square makes optimum use of the white space giving it a cool yet crisp and subtle look. However, the link could have been replaced with a CTA button, yet the font colour makes it distinguishable.

Our Take: Such emails are sent by the Hotels to collect user feedback and The Inn at Union Square email takes customer personalization very seriously. The tone of the email copy is friendly and builds a 2-way conversation with sentences like ‘we hope to hear your thoughts about the visit”.

Apart from these, there are plenty more emails that you should be sending out. For that, it’s crucial to build customized email templates, so your emails can be campaign ready. From building personalized email templates to email segmentation, ensure all of your emails campaigns are in place with Kapture CRM.

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