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We are constantly talking about living the fast life and keeping up with technology, not realizing how extremely dependent on them we already are.

Let’s take a simple example, waking up in the morning wouldn’t be possible without your phone. Would it? Sure, in the earlier days people would rise as the warm rays of the sun on their face, but we need 7 alarms for the most basic part of our day because that’s what we are used to.

We are quite rapidly progressing to the day where a virtual assistant will not only be scheduling minor reminders for us but also making appointments with other virtual assistants or even another human being by adapting to our mannerisms and speech. This is what we refer to as Artificial Intelligence or AI, the advancement of technology that even surpasses us at times.

Before we dive into the complexities of Artificial intelligence, let’s take a look into what exactly is Text Analysis and Natural Language Processing.

Text analysis is nothing but using technology to extract all useful information from a text document. Large scale companies, acquire all the information they can lay their hands on and then rely on AI to filter out the important information. Natural language Processing, on the other hand, is a little more interesting, as the bot or the software uses its intelligence to decipher speech, tone, linguistic barriers and other such details from the conversations and eventually adapt to it.

These methods together can play a massive role in a revolution that is to come in the Business world. It can completely transform the way an organization functions and be the cause of substantial growth.

AI in Text analysis:

As mentioned earlier, AI plays a major role is filtering out all important information for any text document. You may wonder why we’d need technology for this menial task, so let’s put it this way. You have a huge phone book in front of you and have an hour to find 5 important numbers, but the catch is that they are all scattered and not in the right order. Just the thought of that could get someone confused or frustrated. Here’s where AI comes into play. Within a matter of seconds, it would find you those numbers that would’ve otherwise taken you forever to discover.
Similarly, this technology can be used to create an application that would help in market analysis, HR management and even Competitive Analysis.

Keeping track of important information and analyzing it to make it favourable for yourself gets easier when you have a helping hand.

AI in Natural Language Processing:

Natural Language Processing helps AI to understand expand its knowledge. What would otherwise be limited to just asking questions and answering them would change to having complete conversations. NPL enhances the grasp of the AI and helps it decipher the meaning of words and understand the tone of the conversations. Thus, making it more effective in communication and diagnosis, which in turn helps is an accurate analysis of customer reviews. This is the technology that even major league companies are using to make their virtual assistant smarter than ever before.

With the rapid expansion of technology, and the kind of knowledge we are making accessible to them, in no time we will see a world very close to what we saw in the Jetsons as kids. We are moving to a much-advanced lifestyle and there is no slowing down anymore.


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