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CRM SoftwareMonica Geller should be every sales and marketing person’s spirit animal. With her competitiveness, organization skills and punctuality, she would do amazing as a sales manager. Our CRM too in many ways is just like Monica Geller except that it has only perks.

Loves to straighten the mess:

The key component of any business is time management and people management. Without KaptureCRM, both of them go for a toss.  From scheduling meeting to generating reports, everything becomes messy and time consuming. Many forget to follow up as they are deep in this mess. With Kapture CRM, all this mess is straightened out and you have a clean and organized way to access everything related to your business.



Foreseeing tasks:

Kapture CRM’s dashboard enables a quick-view of all upcoming meetings and scheduled follow-ups. Appointments, new leads, and important dates like customers’ birthdays are easily accessible. Stay updated with your team’s plans through either a calendar or a dashboard view. The data you need at your fingertips can be customized to appear on your dashboard. Just like Monica’s theory of how and where should things be.



Task Management:

Kapture CRM’s event and task management helps you to create events and set reminders. This eliminates the manual management task and Kapture CRM efficiently manages meeting reminders, create appointments, and even send a pre-meeting mail to the client which lifts all that load off you.



Customer Data Management:

Not just the basic details of the customers, for FMCG businesses, Kapture CRM captures much more data to know and analyze the customer behavior better. This helps to categorize the customer based on their loyalty, their spending potential, and also their purchase patterns. It knows everything required for you and your team to analyze the customer to send them appropriate deals and specific offers. Also, it helps set guidelines for the customer support executives as to how the customer must be handled




Field sales? No Problemo !

Kapture CRM’s on of the highlight feature is it’s GPS enabled tracking. For businesses that include an on-field sales representative, Kapture CRM is the sigh of relief. With it’s GPS tracking, check-in and check-out options with notes on the meeting, it is the easiest way to keep in track of all representatives on field. For managers, activity monitoring is at their finger tips.



Any place, anytime!

Kapture CRM’s mobile app enables access to all your data anyplace, anytime. Also, just log in to Kapture’s portal anywhere in the world and voila! your business is at your fingertips.



Oh yes!!

Kapture CRM is better than its competitors in many ways. With its user-friendly interface, advanced technology and exceptional features, it is ahead of its game all the time.


Like Monica Geller, Kapture CRM too is a perfection. With its organizational abilities, easy access to reports and compatibility, it is winning hearts of many business representatives. You too can try Kapture for free and then you will also say ‘I know!’



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