6 benefits of Ticket Merging

7 Benefits of Ticket Merging

One of the major tasks of customer support in a company is resolving customer issues or queries completely without them having to come back for clarifications.

To achieve that efficiently, companies using a CRM system have the customer queries generated and categorized as tickets.

Here in this blog, we talk about one of this ticketing software’s features called merging tickets used to avoid duplication.


So, what is ticket merging?

When a customer reaches out to customer support for an issue twice, then the two tickets can be merged instead of generating two tickets from the same source.

For instance, just consider a customer sending an email to customer support for his smartphone issue.

To know about his issue status quicker, he also calls the customer support number for confirmation of his issue and logs in as another support ticket.

This support ticket can be merged into one as this is from the same customer and facing the same issue. So, all the conversations will be continued in one thread under one ticket and ID.

So, what are the plus points of this ticket merging? We tell you in detail below by offering a tool that can show you how to merge tickets in real-time. 


Benefits of ticket merging

1. Removal of duplicate queries or requests

7 benefits of Ticket Merging

Let’s just say, a customer submits two requests from different sources of the same issue – one is an email and another is using a chatbot.

This ticket will be merged into one as the agent will not waste their time resolving the same issue that was sent by email.

Here, the ticket merging helps remove the task duplication, lowers the agent’s workload, and saves an ample amount of time.

2. Quicker Customer Query Resolutions

A customer reaching out to a brand with his problem through 3 different channels will be recorded as 3 requests followed by tickets too.

With a ticket merging feature, all the requests from multiple channels will be included in one ticket with the agent acting on it sooner and taking less time to resolve complaints.

Also, all the information about the customer query will be available in one line of conversation-making the category, department, and spotting it much simpler.

3. Removes confusion and increases transparency

Removing confusion about different ticket requests and merging support tickets is one of the benefits of ticket merging options for the agents and provides an apt solution for customers.

What happens if the tickets are not merged? The customer support tickets will be attended to twice which might anger the customer.

Merging the tickets can save you all the trouble of undoing all the tasks that are successfully completed.

4. De-clutter messages

Once the customer support ticket hits the CRM system, it is segregated based on categories and makes it easy for agents to respond to queries.

Tools like Kapture offer API integrations to the channels that the businesses are already using for customer interactions and populating all of them on a single dashboard.

Also, these tools offer automated replies to requests making the jobs of the customer support agents much easier and feel less fatigued.

5. Achieve higher CSAT scores

Taking time to look for customer records or a customer support system that is slow will just not do the job and lead to frustrated customers.

Ticket merging helps to offer quick customer responses without individually logging into different channels to respond to the same ticket.

With that, ticket merging also allows the customer support tickets to be prioritized and responded to accordingly much faster. This in – turn satisfies the customer increasing the CSAT scores.

6. Ticket merging features

Merging tickets can be done in two ways – Auto merge and manual merge.

With the auto-merge, the tickets are automatically merged into one customer ticket no matter how many times the requests are repeated by the customer.

But, in the manual mode, you can categorize tickets with the drag and drop feature based on the number of issues on the same problem.

7. All customer data with past history in one place

The best part about merging customer support tickets is the unification of past data with all the previous transactions.

All the customer data that is requested, purchase history, order details, and refunds are all available in one window making it easy for customer support agents to resolve issues.

This in turn keeps the customer satisfied and increases retention with eventually becoming brand advocates in the future.


What happens when you merge two tickets into one?

6 benefits of Ticket Merging

Merging two customer support tickets combines the complete information with individual notes and specific tags that are categorized with each ticket. 

Also, the merge action can’t be reversed and the ticket to be merged into will be the primary one and the merging one is the secondary. When merging, all the ticket details of the secondary are moved into the primary.


Job roles that can merge tickets

People with these job roles below can experience the benefit of ticket merging.

  1. Account Admin
  2. Admin
  3. Supervisor
  4. Agent

Also, custom roles can be created to offer access for merging, editing, and discarding customer support tickets.


Appropriate segregation of customer support tickets

Merging of customer support tickets enhances client performance by sorting tickets based on customer IDs and requests.

Looking for relevant tickets based on requests when the customer calls in for the issue is going to be a difficult task.

So, the merging of tickets based on customers or repetitive queries is very useful and helps to resolve multiple queries at once.


A tool with advanced ticketing management and more….

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