CRM Trends 2020

5 Upcoming CRM Trends in 2020

Customer relationship management today is no longer a one-size-fits-all solution since the needs and expectations of customers are evolving at too great a pace. While it may not be true to assume that CRM stats & trends change with new features and functionalities introduced by vendors, these new functionalities are definitely driven by the need for stronger data management and customer experience tools.

The following CRM trends IN 2020 are set to take B2B customer experience by storm the coming year:

1. Industry and business size are a no-brainer for the CRM of 2020:

Implementing a CRM for an enterprise with varying complexities is certainly impossible or feasible with one model. This is why a CRM with a dedicated team that looks into the A-Z of implementation is one of the major trends seen for the future of CRM in 2020. With industry and business size being a no-brainer for the CRM of 2020, accommodating complex processes has turned out to be simple and achievable.

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2. Data Points and Touchpoints Captured:

Since data points and touchpoints are so many in this era of customer relationships, the insights that you can glean from these touchpoints are immense and valuable. In the future of CRM, the solutions will be fully capable of harnessing this data with analytics, producing insights that drive the most important decisions taken for the business.

3. Automation Is Not Just a 10 Letter Word:

Sales and marketing data volume is immense and data from the previous day would have become irrelevant. Without any manual intervention required, automation manages the voluminous customer behavior data generated. It’s a time and lifesaver for customer relationship agents and key users of the CRM.

4. Customer Experience Will Be a Selling Point:

In a brand crowded market with companies offering almost similar products and services, customer experiences will be a selling point with a customer relationship management platform. Brands with customer experience-driven CRM will attract and retain more customers than others. Customer experience solutions like self-serve portals and auto-responders are major selling points for the coming year.

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5. Mobility Will Be a Very Real Need:

Mobility on smartphones and tablets will be the most trending functionality of the CRM in 2020. As key users in enterprises are no longer restricted to their office cubicle, the mobile CRM’s real-time use and efficiency get the work done and done exceptionally well.

While choosing your enterprise CRM in 2020, deep-dive if the solution lives up to the trends for the coming year. Request a demo to learn more about features and functionalities.

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