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Predictive Sales and Support Analysis

Key business developments, those that lead to rapid growth, often arrive from tiny aha moments within a piece of data that posed an anomaly. It’s in these tiny anomalies that large achievements lay. Big data is the future of business growth and to achieve rapid explosive momentum, a system is needed to sift through these terabytes of data to create predictions about purchase behavior.

Kapture’s business Intelligence tools combines predictive analysis with smart AI helping you track consumer interests with easily visible pipelines and close to 500+ reports that offers up insights on;

  • Sales Opportunities
  • Captured Lead Analysis
  • Lead Source Analysis
  • Sales Team Performance Reports.
  • Predictions of quarterly and yearly sales
  • Contact Support SLA’S…and much more

By delivering the right predictions to your sales team, you can ride the AI wave to convert more customers, create better products and form a support team that hits all your SLA’S

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